News May 24, 2022

Mobius Institute Debuts Revolutionary Training Tool for Maintenance Managers – the Maintenance Reliability Transformation (MRT)

Mobius Institute Debuts Revolutionary Training Tool for Maintenance Managers – the Maintenance Reliability Transformation (MRT)

Today, Mobius Institute announced the launch of its new training resource, the Maintenance Reliability Transformation (MRT), to industry professionals seeking to elevate and re-establish their reliability programs from the inside.

MRT is a training resource, curated to guide you and your team through renovating your existing program and to evict reactive maintenance.

The course and optional certification are delivered either virtually and at your own pace by Mobius Institute Founder and CEO, Jason Tranter, or at a public or on-site course by one of Mobius Institute’s authorized 150+ Training Partners. A transformation doesn’t happen overnight, and neither does your MRT. The Maintenance Reliability Transformation method is designed to be achieved over the course of one or two years. Milestones of the course include 12 major steps and 78 recommended practices that tell you what to do, and when to do it.

“The Maintenance Reliability Transformation (MRT) is a step-by-step training program that guides you through the changes you must make to eliminate the root cause of your most common failures and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your maintenance process so you can be successful without additional staff or significant cost outlay,” says Jason Tranter, Founder and CEO of Mobius Institute.

The Maintenance Reliability Transformation allows you to choose your experience:

  • MRT TEAM PACKAGE – Move forward together with an annual subscription for your team of 10+ who will receive access to the training and extra bonus resources. Invite team members from your operations/production and engineering departments to ensure that everyone can contribute to the process and eliminate loopholes.
  • MRT SOLO PACKAGE – For the maintenance manager or single user who wishes to go through the process alone, this is an annual subscription that is just for you, with access to all the training and resources to help you achieve your goal.
  • MRT QUICK-START PACKAGE – A modified training for the individual who wishes to gain an overview of the processes before embarking on the full journey. Includes 4 months of single-user access to the training course (approximately 30 hours, 50% of the full course).

With any MRT training course, you can choose to validate your training journey with an optional certification exam and certificate. You can also optionally add reference materials like Jason Tranter’s “

Learn more about the Maintenance Reliability Transformation training tool.

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