Condition Monitoring and Condition-Based Maintenance

Topics covered: Precision lubrication and contamination control, precision shaft alignment, rotor balancing, mechanical and electrical fastening, and 5S and the visual workplace.

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If you have rotating machinery, they must be precision lubricated, aligned, balanced, and fastened if you wish to achieve the longest trouble-free life and the lowest maintenance costs. This condition monitoring and condition-based maintenance course provides a very detailed summary of each of these technical areas.

Thanks to the use of the Mobius Institute™ simulations and animations, you will find it very easy to understand each of these technical topics.

These lesson modules were taken from the Asset Reliability Practitioner® ARP-E course for Reliability Engineers, but this course will also be of interest to maintenance managers (and planners/schedulers) and condition monitoring practitioners.

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Note that you will be credited with this course fee if you upgrade to the ARP-E course.

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DURATION: 4 hours

The course includes approximately 4 hours of video lessons, delivered by Jason Tranter, the founder and CEO of Mobius Institute.