If you are into vibration, then you need the free Mobius iVibe app. Yes, it is now free! Yes, it is really cool!

Think of iVibe as a wall chart in your pocket. Except it is much better than a wall chart. Much, much better. It is extremely easy to use and you can use it to diagnose faults. Once you drill down through the menus you can follow a diagnostic tree. You can see the spectral patterns and flick the spectra up and down to see similar spectra or flick them left and right to reveal additional information and tests that will help you determine the nature of the fault. You can learn about the fault and learn how to diagnose it. It really is very helpful. On the Mobius iVibe app you can search for diagnostic information based on component type (motors, bearings, etc.), symptoms (harmonics, sidebands, etc.), and fault conditions (unbalance, misalignment, etc.).

Mobius iVibe Homepage ScreenshotWhen you see a spectrum (often with phase information and a machine image) you can swipe up and down to see other similar spectra, or swipe left and right to see a page of details, and a page of diagnostic information (how to be sure the diagnosis is correct).

Here are a few more details:

              1. Select from a list of symptoms (high 1X, high 2X, harmonics, etc.) and drill down to find machine faults that might be a match (unbalance, misalignment, looseness, etc.)
              2. Select from a list of machine types (motor, bearings, pumps, etc.) and drill down to see the likely faults (broken rotor bars, wear, cavitation, etc.)
              3. Select from a list of fault types (unbalance, misalignment, looseness, etc.) and drill down to see sample spectra.
              4. Or you can just scroll through 80 spectral images until you find what you want.

Mobius iVibe Symptoms Page    Mobius iVibe Strong 1X screenshot    Static Unbalance Chart - Vibration Analysis    Static Unbalance Explanation - Vibration Analysis

Mobius iVibe comes in different resolutions based on the capability of your device.

Seriously, if you are a vibration analyst or have any interest in vibration analysis you need this product.

Mobius iVibe App Logo



You can visit Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and search “Mobius iVibe”.
Once you find it you can download it for free.



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