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Meet our international team of genuine, friendly, caring people who are all focused on helping you achieve your goals. We are proud of what we have achieved, but it is all thanks to the strength, dedication, and comradery of our team - and wonderful customers who were willing to try something new.

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Anna Aranha photo Anna Aranha Vice President of Business Development

Anna Aranha is the Vice President of Business Development of Mobius Institute, Mobius Institute North America, and Mobius Institute Australia. In her capacity, Anna assumes direct responsibility for global business development to meet the company's sales targets and marketing objectives. She formulates and executes comprehensive strategies for business development worldwide, ensuring the sustained success of 250+ partnerships across 175+ countries. Under her guidance, the company has extended its educational reach to 65,000+ students across the globe, offering training programs in 26 languages. Anna collaborates closely with Paige Haddy in managing day-to-day business operations. Over her five-year tenure with Mobius Institute, Anna has significantly contributed to various divisions within the organization. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.

Paul Barker photo Paul Barker Vice President of Product Development and Certification

Paul Barker is the Vice President of Product Development at Mobius Institute and Certification for Mobius Institute Board of Certification (MIBoC). In his role, Paul oversees the development and maintenance of Mobius' training product portfolio, the examination and certification processes for students, as well as the accreditation programs under MIBoC. Based in Australia, Paul also manages the overall operations of the Australian office. Paul has been instrumental in expanding the condition monitoring and reliability programs, both in traditional classroom settings and through online learning platforms. He collaborates closely with Anna Aranha and Paige Haddy in managing current and future product delivery through the Mobius partner network. Prior to joining Mobius in 2008, Paul garnered extensive experience in IT and call center service businesses, holding various roles in development, management, training, and systems. He holds a Master of Applied Science degree in Computer Science.

Paige Haddy photo Paige Haddy Vice President of Marketing and MOBIUS CONNECT

Paige Haddy is the Vice President of Marketing of Mobius Institute and MOBIUS CONNECT, extending her expertise across the entire Mobius Institute brand portfolio. With over a decade of experience in the industry, she orchestrates the overall strategy for marketing company-wide and business development, sales, and operations of MOBIUS CONNECT worldwide. Previously, Paige served as the Director of MOBIUS CONNECT and Global Marketing, where she pioneered the establishment of the MOBIUS CONNECT professional network, nurturing its growth from inception to a thriving community of 500,000+ industry professionals worldwide. Paige collaborates closely with Anna Aranha in steering day-to-day business operations. Before joining Mobius Institute in 2018, Paige dedicated several years to event management in the field of Maintenance and Reliability. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports, Entertainment, and Event Management from Johnson & Wales University.

Mobius Team

Nicole Aroca photo Nicole Aroca Business Development Executive Manager

Nicole is responsible for business development opportunities worldwide for Training & Certification. She oversees all technical and operational support for our existing training partners with a main focus in Europe. Nicole works closely with the Vice President of Business Development to resource the training partners.

Angela Bello photo Angela Bello Training Executive Manager

Angela manages all North America, Australia/New Zealand training and certification through Distance Learning, On-site, and Public courses for Condition Monitoring and Reliability. She coordinates all MINA/MIA training courses with hotel and logistics. Angela also oversees all technical and operational support for our existing business partners.

Mackenzie Bledsaw photo Mackenzie Bledsaw MINA Training Coordinator

Mackenzie supports MINA & MIA training course management. She processes and ships all online orders.

Apol Bross photo Apol Bross Training Partner Resource Consultant

Apol works closely with Mobius Institute Training Partners worldwide to support its marketing strategy to train and certify more students worldwide. Apol supports Business Development to bring new partnership leads and expand in Mobius’s latest Training and Certification.

Roberta Clark photo Roberta Clark Projects, Accounts Payable & Payroll, and Data Analytics Manager

Roberta assists with accounts payable, data analytics, and internal projects within Mobius Institute and MIBoC.

Alexa Cogburn photo Alexa Cogburn Marketing Manager for MOBIUS CONNECT

Alexa is responsible for overseeing MOBIUS CONNECT® marketing, including webinars, podcast, and interview planning, social media coordination, and sales support. She specializes in developing and executing creative marketing campaigns that elevate brand presence and drive business growth.

Nailya Crites photo Nailya Crites Staff Accountant

Nailya oversees international invoicing, manages accounts receivable statements and collections, conducts account reconciliations, and prepares comprehensive reports and summaries.

Kirsten Davis photo Kirsten Davis Learning Systems Engineer

Kirsten works on the development of new courses and material as well as the maintenance of our existing training materials. This also includes the coordination of the translation of these materials into different languages. Additionally, she provides technical support for our training partners.

Bree-anna Dennis photo Bree-anna Dennis Accreditation Manager

Bree-anna manages MIBoC’s accreditation including internal MIBoC audits and external audits conducted by JAS-ANZ. She maintains the Quality Management System and ensures that internal processes align with the accreditation requirements.

Josh Evans photo Josh Evans Instructional Developer

Josh develops our interactive simulators that help to make complex concepts far easier to understand. This is a cornerstone of Mobius Institute training and it is what makes us unique in the condition monitoring, maintenance, and reliability field.

Emily Harns photo Emily Harns Marketing Manager for Mobius Institute

Emily oversees marketing operations for Mobius Institute globally, including Mobius Institute North America and Mobius Institute Australia. Her responsibilities encompass strategic planning and execution across various channels such as social media, email campaigns, paid advertising, and more.

Erica Haworth photo Erica Haworth Exam Content Coordinator

Erica is responsible for all MIBoC Exam Content, including exam creation, translation and exam version control.

Paige Hodson photo Paige Hodson Certification Manager

Paige processes all certifications and certification renewals. She also oversees all product, training material, and exam shipments.

Kelly Iverson photo Kelly Iverson Human Resources/Accounting

Kelly is responsible for accounts payable including purchase order processing & account reconcilations.

Gayle Jervois photo Gayle Jervois Administrative Assistant

Gayle is responsible for preparing and dispatching all products, training material, and exam shipments. She also logs incoming exams, reviews online exam videos, and grades paper and online exams

Alynn Kayatta photo Alynn Kayatta Manager of MOBIUS CONNECT

Alynn oversees the daily operations of MOBIUS CONNECT including business partnerships, content/media production, publishing, and special projects.

Crystal McCaffrey photo Crystal McCaffrey Administration Assistant

Crystal assists with MIBoC’s Quality Management System and internal MIBoC audits. Crystal is also responsible for student support ensuring students have a positive experience throughout their dealing with Mobius.

Lorne McMurray photo Lorne McMurray North America CM/Vibration Sales Engineer, CAT III

Lorne is responsible for all Mobius Institute North America & Australia/New Zealand Onsite Training and Certification courses. He also supports all global sales of iLearn.

Genesis Redondo photo Genesis Redondo On-boarding & Project Manager

Genesis supports our new and existing Training Partners worldwide by onboarding them as Approved Training Centers and Examination Centers, instructors, and company staff, as well as providing day-to-day support. She also works closely with Marketing and the Training Partner Resource Consultant to develop materials and projects to facilitate Training Partner resources.

Grace Scheel photo Grace Scheel Business Development Coordinator for MOBIUS CONNECT

Grace is responsible for supporting business development company wide. This includes developing new partnerships, creative content design and supporting in program management with MOBIUS CONNECT; the outreach for MOBIUS CONNECT Live Events; as well as communications with Mobius Institute students regarding upcoming opportunities and training courses.

Riley Tucker photo Riley Tucker Shipping Administrator

Riley is responsible for preparing and dispatching all products, training material, and exam shipments.

Debbie Umphries photo Debbie Umphries Accounting Manager

Debbie oversees all financial data and compliance by maintaining accurate books on accounts payable and receivable, daily financial entries and reconciliations.

Alexis Wenning photo Alexis Wenning Business Development Coordinator

Alexis is responsible for business development opportunities in Asia for Training & Certification. She oversees all technical and operational support for our existing training partners in these regions. Her primary responsibility is to ensure the partners have all the resources to succeed.


Jason Tranter photo Jason Tranter Founder and Technical Advisor

Jason Tranter is the co-founder of Mobius Institute, starting the company with Georgina Breedon in 1999. After gaining an engineering degree, Jason began his career in reliability and condition monitoring way back in 1984. Having been involved in the practice of vibration analysis, the development of a wide range of condition monitoring software, and the development of the majority of Mobius Institute's training software and course material, it is fair to say that Jason is passionate about helping people achieve success in their reliability improvement efforts - whether that is detecting and diagnosing future failures, or avoiding them in the first place. Jason has worked in Australia and the United States and has presented courses, workshops, and technical presentations in many countries around the world. Jason is proud of the achievements of the Mobius Institute team and honored to have been able to help tens of thousands of people around the world achieve their personal and professional goals.

Why We Love Working Here!

Mobius Institute has been my second home. I graduated and started working with them. I’ve been involved in every single department, and I fell in love with the experience. One thing that I’ve learned since day one is that our priority are our customers, Training Partners and students. It is not about the money but about the experience we can provide to them. Every single of my coworkers has been a key to the success we are having in Latin America. I’ve learned so much from each of them, and at the end of the day they make Mobius what it is.

Anna A, 2 years

Mobius Institute is a great place to work! I couldn’t ask for nicer co-workers and executives. They're the perfect combination of enthusiasm and hard work. I'm thankful to be part of this wonderful team! I work part-time, and I'm particularly grateful for the schedule flexibility that enables me to address the needs of my family.

Debbie U, 2+ years
Image – 50 – Roberta
Image-25- Paul Barker

In 12 years with Mobius I've seen a huge expansion in the number of people we train, partners we have around the world, training we produce and the scope of the reliability spectrum that we cover. In all of that time there has been one constant and that is that educating people is number 1. This is shown in the standard of the materials that we produce for training, our service and support, and the quality of our partner network. Beyond those "business" factors, we offer so much material online at no cost, we offer scholarships to people to take our training and attend our conferences, and we have helped people in times of hardship to gain skills and get a real boost to their careers. Mobius is a business that is focussed on the welfare of their community and this is a rare thing.

Paul B, 12 years
Image – 25 – Roberta
Image – 25 – Bill Golf
Image-25-Paige Hodson

I have enjoyed helping people receive our great training and in turn keeping their plants, factories, and sites safe.

Becky, 5+ years

Mobius Institute's passion for providing continuing education opportunities and keeping practitioners in the industry safe is inspiring and shared throughout the company. The Mobius team was founded by family 20+ years ago, and is still led by family today. The sentiment of “family first” is a staple in our culture, which makes being a team member that much more of an honor.

Paige H, 3+ years