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Meet our international team of genuine, friendly, caring people who are all focused on helping you achieve your goals. We are proud of what we have achieved, but it is all thanks to the strength, dedication, and comradery of our team - and wonderful customers who were willing to try something new.

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Jason Tranter photo Jason Tranter Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jason Tranter is the co-founder of Mobius Institute, starting the company with Georgina Breedon in 1999. After gaining an engineering degree, Jason began his career in reliability and condition monitoring way back in 1984. Having been involved in the practice of vibration analysis, the development of a wide range of condition monitoring software, and the development of the majority of Mobius Institute's training software and course material, it is fair to say that Jason is passionate about helping people achieve success in their reliability improvement efforts - whether that is detecting and diagnosing future failures, or avoiding them in the first place. Jason has worked in Australia and the United States and has presented courses, workshops, and technical presentations in many countries around the world. Jason is proud of the achievements of the Mobius Institute team and honored to have been able to help tens of thousands of people around the world achieve their personal and professional goals.

Georgina Breedon photo Georgina Breedon Co-Founder and CFO

Georgina Breedon is the co-founder of Mobius Institute, starting the company with Jason Tranter in 1999. Georgina has extensive business experience that began as the co-founder of the ARGO Software business in 1986 that was eventually sold to DLI Engineering in 1990. Georgina has worked in Australia and the United States, originally in a technical role, but since 1999, as the Chief Financial Officer of Mobius Institute and the family of international Mobius businesses: Mobius Institute, Mobius Institute Board of Certification, and MINA Training and Certification [USA]. Georgina oversees the accounting and bookkeeping functions and controls the financial management system that deals with international tax laws, payroll, currency exchanges, and banking. As a qualified Civil Engineer from Melbourne University, Georgina is well versed in the technical aspects of maintenance, reliability, and condition monitoring, and has helped guide the business to become a respected, international organization with strong financial performance.

Bill Partipilo photo Bill Partipilo Chief Operating Officer

Bill Partipilo is the Chief Operating Officer of Mobius Institute. Appointed to this position in 2017, Partipilo leads Marketing, Sales, Business Operations, and Financial Procedures worldwide. During his current tenure at Mobius Institute, Partipilo was instrumental in launching CBM & RELIABILITY CONNECT® English and Spanish publishing companies and he also was involved in enhancing and growing the Mobius Institute event business to 9 International Live Training Conferences. Mobius Institute has direct offices in Australia, United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East with over 35 employees and 120 training partners in over 60 countries. Prior to joining Mobius Institute, Partipilo operated a Publishing and Event Management Company for twelve years in Maintenance and Reliability. Previously, he held the position of Chief Operating Officer. Partipilo holds a B. A in Hotel, Restaurant, Institutional Tourism Management from Purdue University.

Mobius Team

Paul Barker photo Paul Barker Learning Products Development Manager

Paul manages product and training development including training course manuals, slide generation, translations of materials and product testing. He also maintains our Learning Management System and iLearnReliability site setup and administration. Additionally, he provides technical support for our training partners.

Greg Brough photo Greg Brough Learning Development Coordinator

Greg works on the on-going development and maintenance of our existing and new training materials, as well as the translation of these into different languages. Additionally, he provides technical support for our training partners.

Luis Carmona photo Luis Carmona Global Business Development Director

Luis oversees all Business Development Managers to ensures all International Training Partners have the resources to be successful. He is also responsible for business opportunities for all Mobius Institute brands and products such as MOBIUS CONNECT™, CBM and RELIABILITY CONNECT ® Conference’s and Condition Monitoring and ARP Training and Certification courses.

Megan Clark photo Megan Clark Conference and Event Specialist

Megan supports the Conference Director with all Conference logistics (Hotel Negotiations, Food and Beverage, AV and Exhibitor and Sponsorships). She also supports all North America Mobius Institute training events.

Roberta Clark photo Roberta Clark International Training and Certification Director

Roberta oversees the MIBoC certification schemes and ensures that processes follow the requirements of ISO/IEC 17024, ISO 18436 and other relevant ISO standards. She also manages MIBoC external audits and works closely with our Business Development managers to support our Training Partners.

Kimberly Cornelius photo Kimberly Cornelius Marketing Manager

Kim oversees all aspects of Mobius Institute Marketing Worldwide. Develops overall Marketing plan, schedule, monitors performance of specific activities and manages marketing automation system.

Tara Cunningham photo Tara Cunningham North America Training and Sales Coordinator

Tara supports all North America training and certification through Distance Learning, On-site, and Public courses for Condition Monitoring and Reliability. She also provides superior customer service to all our North America students.

Bree-anna Dennis photo Bree-anna Dennis Certification and Australia Office Manager

Bree-anna manages MIBoC’s certification processes. She also administers accounts receivable and provides accreditation support, including maintenance of existing certification schemes and training partner audits. Additionally, she is responsible for the overall management of our Australian team members.

Kim Fuger photo Kim Fuger MOBIUS CONNECT Manager

Kim manages the operations for MOBIUS CONNECT® and coordinates all contributor and advertiser relationships. Kim also oversees content production for CBM CONNECT® English and Spanish, RELIABILITY CONNECT® English and Spanish.

Suzanne Garvin photo Suzanne Garvin Community Outreach Specialist

Suzanne is responsible for supporting members of the CBM and Reliability industry by helping them create their own custom learning path through our MOBIUS CONNECT® online resources, live conferences, and MIBoC certification renewals.

Paige Haddy photo Paige Haddy Director of Mobius CONNECT

Paige oversees the MOBIUS CONNECT® community platform and is responsible for development and business opportunities for MOBIUS CONNECT; including CBM CONNECT® English and Spanish, RELIABILITY CONNECT® English and Spanish, and COMMUNITY CONNECT™.

Paige Hodson photo Paige Hodson Certification Administrator & Shipping Coordinator

Paige grades incoming certification exams and processes certification status updates and certification renewals. She also prepares and dispatches shipments for products, training materials and exams.

Jo Martin photo Jo Martin Customer Service Administrator

Jo handles course and product inquiries from both training partners and students. She also coordinates independently invigilated exams and assists in grading incoming certification exams.

Lorne McMurray photo Lorne McMurray North America CM/Vibration Sales Engineer, CAT III

Lorne is responsible for all Mobius Institute North America Vibration Onsite, Public and Distance Learning Training and Certification courses. He also supports all North America instructors for Condition Monitoring and Reliability Courses.

Elizabeth Michaud photo Elizabeth Michaud Reliability Sales Coordinator

Elizabeth supports Mobius Institute North America Reliability sales channels including all public training courses, software sales, ISO certification, distance learning courses, and USA conference. She also assists Reliability customers worldwide with expansion and implementation of the iLearnReliability suite of products.

Ian Miller photo Ian Miller Graphic and Web Designer

Ian works closely with the Marketing team on all graphics, web designs, and branding of all internal marketing projects. He is also responsible for the development and maintenance of our web content, digital marketing materials, and platforms for interacting with our worldwide training partners.

Anna Montenegro photo Anna Montenegro Business Development and Latin America Marketing Coordinator

Anna supports all training partners in Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean to make sure partners have the operational resources to be successful. She is also responsible for all Mobius Institute Spanish Marketing initiatives in LATAM.

Kotya Naik photo Kotya Naik Business Development Manager--Asia, Middle East and Africa

Kotya is responsible for business opportunities in Asia, Middle East, and Africa for all Mobius Institute brands and products such as Mobius CONNECT™, CBM and RELIABILITY CONNECT ® Conference’s and Condition Monitoring and ARP Training and Certification courses.

Andy Parker photo Andy Parker Chief Software Developer

Andy has been with Mobius since 2005. Andy puts the interaction and fun into the Mobius training courses and webinars. If you see a "simulator" on a slide where the instructor clicks buttons, drag sliders, and generally makes complex topics easy to understand and a lot more interesting, then you can thank Andy. Andy has a bachelor of engineering (mechanical) and a bachelor of arts from Monash University, but is a magician with Actionscript (Flash) and Javascript.

Becky Partipilo photo Becky Partipilo Director of International Conferences and North America Office

Plans and organizes all global CBM & RELIABILITY CONNECT® Live Training Conferences – from finding locations, hiring all vendors to providing exhibitor, speaker and attendee support and manages all on-site logistics. She also manages the North America Offices.

Gissele Ramirez photo Gissele Ramirez MOBIUS CONNECT Assistant

Gissele supports CBM CONNECT® English and Spanish as well as RELIABILITY CONNECT® English and Spanish programs with a focus on Spanish contributors, live webinars, and content production.

Shaneck Reyes photo Shaneck Reyes Digital Marketing Coordinator

Shaneck implements and develops all digital campaigns and programs on all Marketing Social Media accounts. She is also responsible for SEO, blogs, and all digital ads.

Debbie Umphries photo Debbie Umphries Mobius Institute North America Bookkeeper

Debbie oversees all North America financial data and compliance by maintaining accurate books on accounts payable and receivable, daily financial entries and reconciliations.

Kirsten Wallace photo Kirsten Wallace Learning Development Coordinator

Kirsten works on the on-going development and maintenance of our existing and new training materials, as well as the translation of these into different languages. Additionally, she provides technical support for our training partners.

Alisha West photo Alisha West Customer Service Administrator & Project Coordinator

Alisha coordinates on-line exams and distance learning training courses. She also coordinates internal process improvement projects within Mobius Institute.

Why We Love Working Here!

Mobius Institute has been my second home. I graduated and started working with them. I’ve been involved in every single department, and I fell in love with the experience. One thing that I’ve learned since day one is that our priority are our customers, Training Partners and students. It is not about the money but about the experience we can provide to them. Every single of my coworkers has been a key to the success we are having in Latin America. I’ve learned so much from each of them, and at the end of the day they make Mobius what it is.

Anna M, 1 year

Mobius Institute is a great place to work! I couldn’t ask for nicer co-workers and executives. They're the perfect combination of enthusiasm and hard work. I'm thankful to be part of this wonderful team! I work part-time, and I'm particularly grateful for the schedule flexibility that enables me to address the needs of my family.

Debbie U, 1 year
Image – 50 – Roberta

In 12 years with Mobius I've seen a huge expansion in the number of people we train, partners we have around the world, training we produce and the scope of the reliability spectrum that we cover. In all of that time there has been one constant and that is that educating people is number 1. This is shown in the standard of the materials that we produce for training, our service and support, and the quality of our partner network. Beyond those "business" factors, we offer so much material online at no cost, we offer scholarships to people to take our training and attend our conferences, and we have helped people in times of hardship to gain skills and get a real boost to their careers. Mobius is a business that is focussed on the welfare of their community and this is a rare thing.

Paul B, 12 years
Image-25- Paul Barker

I've learned a lot about the value of reliability. I enjoy helping people have successful plants, sites, mines, etc. and setting teams up with our great training.

Elizabeth, almost 1 year
Image – 25 – Roberta
Image-25-Paige Hodson
Image – 25 – Luis Baby

Mobius Institute's passion for providing continuing education opportunities and keeping practitioners in the industry safe is inspiring and shared throughout the company. The Mobius team was founded by family 20+ years ago, and is still led by family today. The sentiment of “family first” is a staple in our culture, which makes being a team member that much more of an honor.

Paige H, 2 years