(MRT) Maintenance Reliability Transformation Course – Quick-start

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This item: (MRT) Maintenance Reliability Transformation Course - Quick-start
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Quick-start: Extended education and virtual guidance

Online, single-user course 4-month access.   The total training time is 38 hours.

The maintenance manager or single user, who wishes to go through the overview process. The MRT process has 12 major steps and 78 documented “recommended practices” that guide you every step of the way. 78 may seem like a lot of steps but if it was easy you would not need our assistance. Besides, you just need to focus on the first item. Then the second. 

You can take the MRT Quick-start package and treat it like a normal course. You can even take an exam and become certified. You will have 4 months to complete the online training and then you can optionally follow the “Breaking out of the reactive maintenance cycle of doom” book for the rest of the journey.

The Quick-start license will work as follows:

  • Online course videos:
    1. General concepts – why equipment fails and eliminating the root causes
    2.  12 steps
    a.  The 78 recommended practices
    b.  53 supporting videos for the recommended practices
  • Optional Certification Exam and Certificate (additional cost)
  • “Breaking out of the Reactive Maintenance Cycle of Doom” hardcover book (additional cost)

Exam Information: Optional certification examination is available after course completion.  It is 50 questions and you have 2 hours to complete with a passing grade of 80%. It is offered via our online exam process.

For exam requirements and more information on invigilation, visit: https://www.mobiusinstitute.com/independently-invigilated-certification-exam/.


FREE DEMO: See a preview of the MRT course. Included is segments from our instructional videos. You can access the training demo with your student credentials or create a new account using this link – MRT Course Demonstration Link.