IRTCAT-I (US) Infrared Thermography Certification Exam

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Optional ISO Category I certification examination, offered on final day of public course or by Invigilation Application Procedure.  Category I training course completion of a MIBoC approved training course (click here for a list of approved courses), and at least 12 months of practical infrared thermography work experience in an industrial setting is also required to qualify for ISO certification.

Additionally, candidates should have their colour perception assessed by the Ishihara 24 plate test.  If the candidate fails this test, indicated by misreading four or more of the 24 plates during the Ishihara test, candidates can sit a secondary colour shade perception test to assess the their ability to differentiate between shades of colours.  Both colour tests are administered by the Mobius Institute Board of Certification (MIBoC).

For exam requirements and more information on invigilation, visit:

If you are certified in one of MIBoC certification schemes, you will automatically receive a digital certificate, personalized certification logo and digital wallet card.  A hard copy is available for an additional fee.