Work and Spares Management

Topics covered: Scheduling and executing jobs, spares selection and storage.

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Work and spares management process chart

Work management (planning and scheduling) is a core component of a reliability improvement program. You certainly cannot have an effective condition monitoring program if you do not have an effective work management program. Likewise, you can’t have an effective work management program unless you have effective spares and materials management.

This minicourse is not intended to provide detailed training on how to perform planning and scheduling or spares management. It simply provides a detailed overview so that you understand “what good looks like”.

These lesson modules were taken from the Asset Reliability Practitioner® ARP-E course for Reliability Engineers, but this course will also be of interest to maintenance managers, planners/schedulers, storeroom management, and condition monitoring practitioners.

work management process

Note that you will be credited with this course fee if you upgrade to the ARP-E course.

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DURATION: 3.5 hours

The course includes approximately 3 hours of video lessons, delivered by Jason Tranter, the founder, and CEO of Mobius Institute.