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Mobius Institute™ helps condition monitoring, maintenance, and asset reliability practitioners, business leaders, and strategic partners achieve the next level of success through leading-edge training, accredited certification, engaging conferences, and educational websites. We hope you will give us the opportunity to help you.

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Education is the key to success in the pursuit of the reliable plant.

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Education guides the implementation, and provides the skills, competence, and confidence in the people engaged in reliability improvement – and it motivates the workforce so that everyone is engaged and pulling in the same direction.

Mobius Institute is world-renowned for helping people understand strategy and technology which paves the way to success, both personally and professionally.

Mobius Institute professional training, accredited certification, free knowledge sites, and training conferences

Mobius Institute, and its worldwide partners, offer public courses, on-site training, and web-based education, which leads to accredited certification for asset reliability practitioners, condition monitoring specialists, and precision maintenance technicians. You can also establish a corporate-wide knowledge-center to educate and motivate everyone. Plus, we provide detailed guidance on exactly how to transform your plant to achieve the desired level of reliability and performance, with ART. We are also the hosts of MOBIUS CONNECT®, a growing community of practitioners sharing knowledge via training conferences, website knowledge portals, and face-to-face community meetings.

  • 155 Training partners worldwide
  • 109 Countries where we have partners
  • 50,000+ Vibration students (all levels) trained/certified
  • 1,700+ Asset Reliability Practitioner [ARP] students
  • 16 Training conferences managed worldwide
  • 3,000+ Educational pieces of content on MOBIUS CONNECT®
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Mobius Institute Client Testimonials

Hear directly from the students, leaders and partners who continue to learn and contribute to our growing community of CBM professionals and asset reliability practitioners.

Image – 100 – Conference Session

I have just completed my VCAT-II training and certification course from MOBIUS followed by becoming a CAT II vibration analyst. It helps me a lot to solve the problems more accurately and efficiently. I can give any machine fault related solutions more analytically and correctly with confidence than previous. Thanks to MOBIUS for being such a guide.

Md. Monjour, Student
Image – 50 – Power Plant at Night

I highly recommend Mobius institute training to any CM technician or engineer who wants to improve their vibration analysis and condition monitoring skills.

Andrew Evans, Koniambo Nickel
Image – 50 – Plant Interior Valves
Image – 25 – Plant at Sunrise
Image – 25 – City Landscape

I do enjoy your webinars. I think your distinction between an IIoT system vs a SMART solution is very valid. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in an excellent presentation and discussion.

Scott, Attendee

Thanks Mobius, I have made the best choice ever!!!  I am more knowledgeable in Reliability than before because of your ARP Training and Certification course... This is amazing!

Horcel, Student

Thanks Mobius Institute for understanding & solving complicated problems.

Mohamed, Student

Because of Mobius Institute and Jason Tranter, I am extremely successful in Vibration and Asset Reliability.

Vamsidhar, Student
Image – 50 – Plant Worker Orange Suit

Thanks to Mobius Institute for coming up with such amazing training materials which made me gain confidence in Vibration Analysis and I look forward to having your training in VCAT III in the near future.

Abbey, Student

Just took the ARP-E training and certification course. The content was very good. I liked the format, content and especially the graphics. Your name is well respected and I am glad to be part of it. Good job on the ARP program.

Ken, Student

This training helped me not only gain knowledge in the Reliability space but also securing a Mechanical Reliability Engineer position in one of the biggest mines in Australia.

Hanimi, Student


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