Classroom Instructor-Led Training

Mobius Institute™ and its Authorized Training Partners offer engaging public instructor-led training courses all over the world. But these are not normal courses.

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  • 250+ Training partners worldwide
  • 175+ Countries where we have partners
  • 1,000+ Animations used in our courses and webinars

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People sharing knowledge.

There is nothing like being in a classroom, with people who are facing the same challenge as you, and an instructor who makes everything crystal clear. Combining the instructor’s knowledge and experience with the unique Mobius Institute animations, simulators, and other benefits result in the perfect course.

If that is your preferred way to learn, we have partners all over the world who speak your language and can’t wait for the opportunity to help you master your chosen field of expertise.

Please take a moment to learn about what makes our public instructor-led training courses so unique.

Learning Zone

Before you even attend the course, you can go online and begin climbing the learning curve in our unique “learning zone”. You will gain so much more if you take the time to watch the videos before the course.

When you do attend the live course, everything you hear from the instructor will further solidify the knowledge in your mind. And it goes without saying that the certification exam will be easier to pass, and your job will be easier to perform. But if you do still have questions after the course, then for six months you can go back and review the lessons.

Polling Devices

polling device used for public-instructor led training

During the class, we use our unique “polling devices”. Have you ever been in a class and the instructor asks you a question? Many people find it terrifying! And if the instructor asks someone else a question, have you ever wished they asked you because you knew the answer? Frustrating, isn’t it.

In Mobius Institute classes, everyone is asked a series of questions to test everyone’s knowledge. You respond with a five-button keypad. Only the instructor knows who answered correctly (and incorrectly). If everyone answers correctly, the instructor can move on. If not, the instructor will clarify the topic until everyone is crystal clear!

Animations and simulations

And possibly best of all, we have literally hundreds of 3D animations and interactive simulations that make even the most complex topics easy to understand – but you will see those no matter how you take a Mobius Institute course.

And you can choose your course, date, and location.


Search for classroom instructor-led courses