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Mobius CONNECT is the gateway to knowledge, solutions, and friendship

Join a community of reliability, maintenance, and CBM leaders and practitioners to keep on learning, solve tough problems, and share your knowledge. You can optionally create a profile and download the app to customize your experience and form a stronger connection with your community.

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Never Stop Learning!

We all work in such a challenging field. Improving reliability and detecting the onset of failure is not for the faint-hearted. You need a place where you can solve problems, expand your knowledge, and help others solve their problems. We built Mobius CONNECT for you and it is all for free.

Share your knowledge and experience

Mobius Connect Conference

But we have a favor to ask. If you have the experience, good or bad, we ask you to share it.

Perhaps you tried something, and it did not result in the desired outcome. People in the reliability and CBM community need to know that. They should not make the same “mistakes”.

But if you have enjoyed success, utilizing a technology to solve the problem, finding a way to lead people to change their behaviors, convincing management to support the reliability program, or in any other way, please share your experience. You can write articles, make a little video, start your own podcast, initiate a forum post, or present a paper at a CBM+RELIABILITY CONNECT One Day Training Event.

Sharing is rewarding

You know what it was like learning things the hard way or scratching your head wondering how to solve a problem. It was frustrating, wasn’t it? But how did you feel when you came across some information or talked with an expert, who solved your problem?

Your life was made easier, but you were also grateful to the person who helped to solve the problem.

If you need help, please take advantage of Mobius CONNECT. But if you are able to help others, and receive some of that love, then please consider sharing your knowledge and experience.

You can share your knowledge and experience in many ways on Mobius CONNECT:

Take sharing to a whole new level: COMMUNITY CONNECT™

connect locally with Community Connect by Mobius connectLearning and sharing on Mobius CONNECT is valuable and rewarding. But you can take that to a whole new level by starting or joining a local community of like-minded reliability, maintenance, and CBM managers, leaders, and practitioners with COMMUNITY CONNECT.

On the one hand, if you have a question or you want to share your advice, you can go to Mobius CONNECT and be on the world stage. That works for some people, but for others, it is a little intimidating. So many people think that their question is a “dumb question” and they won’t ask it. And there are a lot of people working in facilities that would benefit from improvements to reliability and condition monitoring but aren’t connected to Mobius CONNECT or any other knowledge site.

We want to change that.

The goal of COMMUNITY CONNECT is to gather together like-minded people in a small regional area so that those with experience can help those who desperately need it. We have a page dedicated to COMMUNITY CONNECT and we invite you to visit that page now.

Mobius CONNECT Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most common questions regarding Mobius CONNECT


    Absolutely not. Mobius CONNECT was created for everyone with a passion for reliability, maintenance, performance improvement, and condition monitoring. We, therefore, invite everyone, regardless of who has provided your training and certification, regardless of whether you are a commercial sponsor or not, whether you may consider that what you do is competitive with Mobius Institute or not; everyone is invited. Everyone can share their knowledge and experience because the world of reliability and condition monitoring needs to hear everyone’s voice.


    We did not want to make our knowledge-sharing sites to be centered around Mobius Institute. There are so many experts, organizations, vendors, service providers, and others with knowledge to share with people who desperately need that knowledge to succeed.

    The leadership of Mobius Institute was not happy with the alternatives that existed in the industry, and therefore decided to create a new solving, learning, and sharing platform that will help everyone in our industry.

    The only people who will be excluded are those that spread hate, or who constantly commercialize every message they deliver. This is a knowledge platform. It is not for organizations to be overtly commercial, and it is certainly not a place to vent racism, sexism, or any other form of hate speech.

    1. It is in our DNA to share knowledge and experience. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to see people achieve their goals, thanks to the knowledge they gain through our business.
    2. We do run a commercial business, so it is fair to say that we hope that we will have more people attend our training courses and conferences, and more commercial organizations will choose to provide knowledge and sponsorships via our sites. We have employees and their families to feed, and we aspire to run a commercially profitable business. We see it as a win-win.

    First, we have tried very hard to create excellent content that will help you solve problems and continue your education.

    Second, our goal is to create an environment where those with detailed knowledge and hard-earned experience can share what they know in a focused environment. Our websites are focused on people who are ultimately trying to improve the reliability and performance of sites heavily dependent on physical assets.

    Third, we have made it easy to focus your attention on what is most important to you. You may be interested, for example, in all of the reliability improvement subjects, or you may just want to focus on planning and scheduling. If you are a Vibration analyst, you may want to focus purely on vibration analysis, shaft alignment, and balancing.

    You can establish your profile so that what you see is only what you want to see. And if ever you want to explore a different technology or methodology, then you can change it in an instant.


    The focus of RELIABILITY CONNECT is on the bigger picture of reliability and performance improvement. We cover everything from the strategy, the business case, and culture change through to the more technical areas of risk analysis, asset strategy development, planning and scheduling, asset care, and condition monitoring. Yes, RELIABILITY CONNECT does include content about condition monitoring, so the two sites are “joined at the hips”. But the focus at reliability connect is on running a successful program, delivering value, and including the condition monitoring technologies as part of the larger reliability improvement and condition-based maintenance program.

    The focus of CBM CONNECT is on the activities most commonly performed by CBM leaders and practitioners. Therefore, it covers all of the most common condition monitoring technologies (vibration analysis, ultrasound, infrared analysis, oil analysis, wear particle analysis, and electric motor testing), but it also includes the typical reliability/precision maintenance fields of lubrication, shaft alignment, and balancing.

    It is geared towards rotating machinery, electrical equipment, and other assets such as steam traps, valves, structures, mobile equipment, and so on.


    RELIABILITY CONNECT and CBM CONNECT are “spam-free zones”. You will not hear from Mobius Institute or any of the organizations that sponsor the websites unless you give us permission to do so. You can choose to receive newsletter updates about new content that would interest you, or not. You can receive notifications about webinars in your area of interest, or not. You can ask sponsors to contact you, or not.

    If you do not wish for anyone to contact you in relation to RELIABILITY CONNECT or CBM CONNECT then you will not be contacted.


    Yep. There is an iOS (Apple) and an android compatible app. You will be able to access the feed and almost everything else via the app. We hope you will see it as your connection to the world of reliability and condition monitoring.

MOBIUS CONNECT® Knowledge Sites, Community, and Events

You must never stop learning!

We all work in a challenging field. Training courses are a great opportunity to rapidly gain knowledge, but for the other 300 days of the year, you must be part of MOBIUS CONNECT. You can solve problems, continue learning, and share your hard-earned experience via forums, a live feed, knowledge sites, and in-person events:


Knowledge-sites and courses are great, but there is something special about attending an in-person event, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow practitioners, meeting industry experts, learning from case studies, and meeting solution-providers from around the world. You must make it part of your learning path.

Since 2016, the CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT® Live Training Conferences have been hosted in eight countries around the world – and we are redefining the traditional format with our new CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT® One Day Training Events.

Our NEW one day events offer laser focused learning that is tailored to your interests! Discover the latest technologies and approaches to success within your industry, locally, in one day!

  • For Reliability, maintenance, and CBM practitioners and leaders
  • In-Person Training Events held all over the world
  • Focused learning sessions and case studies
  • Network and build relationships with industry experts and your peers
  • Exhibition with the industry’s newest technologies and tools

We hope you can attend. We would love you to present a paper and share your knowledge and experience.

Learn More


There is barely an industrial site on this planet that could not benefit from improved reliability. Sure, Mobius Institute™ training and the Mobius CONNECT® sites and conferences will help, but often the best approach is learning from people in your local community. Learn what works. Learn how to make improvements. See it for yourself in local plants that have made improvements. Hear from seasoned maintenance, CBM, and asset reliability practitioners and leaders who have the experience to share.

There is no doubt, we are all stronger when we work together.

That’s why we created COMMUNITY CONNECT™:

  • You can get free basic training
  • You can organize/attend meetings: presentations, onsite tours, roundtables, and chats
  • Participate in forums – just you and your local community
  • Stay connected via the website or app

And the good news? Mobius Institute stands 100% behind the community:

  • We provide all of the technical tools to make it work
  • We can organize meetings, create flyers, and organize membership
  • We can manage the finances

In other words – we do all the things you don’t want to do (and that makes 95% of “chapters” fail) so that you have the time and energy to do what you want to do.

Click below to learn more, to join a community, or to start a new community

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Mobius Institute™ Social Networks

Connect with Mobius Institute and their partners through traditional social media platforms, such as:

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Become a MOBIUS CONNECT® Partner

We want to educate Maintenance, CBM, and Asset Reliability practitioners and leaders, and we want to help you grow your business. We can achieve both by working together on the MOBIUS CONNECT knowledge sites and training conferences, and by supporting our COMMUNITY CONNECT™ groups. There are a number of opportunities:

  • You can participate in the live feed and forums on MOBIUS CONNECT
  • You can create content for the CBM CONNECT® and RELIABILITY CONNECT® knowledge sites
  • You can deliver workshops and presentations at the CBM+RELIABILITY CONNECT® training conferences
  • You can support or lead a COMMUNITY CONNECT group
  • And you can advertise, sponsors, and exhibit on the sites and at conferences

People need to hear from you. They need to learn from your experience, and they need to be kept up-to-date with the latest products and services.

Learn more about becoming a partner