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E-learning is engaging. You can click your way to greater knowledge, and learn at your own pace, in your own time, from the safety of your home or office. And just wait until you see the animations and simulations - they are pretty cool!

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  • 45,000+ Students registered in iLearnReliability™
  • 1,000+ Animations used in our courses and webinars
  • 300+ Hours of Reliability and Condition Monitoring videos and lessons available to study online

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In addition to the video and virtual training course options, we have developed a number of non-certification courses that are intended to provide training that helps an organization improve reliability. That training is available in two offerings: iLearnReliability™ is a corporate-wide training program, and personal development training for shaft alignment and rotor balancing.

We have two strong beliefs: you need to “educate everyone” to enjoy reliability success and a unified, positive culture, and “Never stop learning” to grow a person’s knowledge and maintain the focus on reliability improvement. iLearnReliability helps you achieve those goals, and iLearnAlignment™ and iLearnBalancing™ (included with iLR) can be bought separately if you wish.

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iLearnReliability™: Lubrication, Alignment, Balancing and More

iLearnReliability incorporates iLearnAlignment™ and iLearnBalancing™, but it also provides basic training for those who need to know about precision maintenance but will not actually do the job themselves.

In fact, there is very brief awareness training, training related to the business case, and training for supervisors and engineers. We really do believe in the concept of “Educate everyone”.

iLearnReliability can be used to train a large number of people in your organization, from operators to managers, from technicians to planners, and everyone else. People will learn about alignment, balancing, lubrication, fastening and so much more!

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iLearnAlignment™ e-learning course

Everyone who will perform shaft alignment should be trained, and re-trained. When people join the crew, they should be trained. And ideally, the supervisors should be trained so they know what “good looks like”.

iLearnAlignment provides the training, and the refresher training so that everyone understands what it takes to achieve precision alignment. iLearnAlignment is interactive el-earning, with highly visual 3D animations.

iLearnAlignment should be your corporate standard so that everyone knows how to perform precision alignment.

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iLearnBalancing™ e-learning course

Imagine taking training that explains all the fundamentals of the measurements you will take, how to diagnose unbalance, how to select trial weights and determine the type of balance job that will be required, and then how to perform single and two plane balancing, all one step at a time, filled with animations and simulations.

Balancing is important, so you need to get it right. iLearnBalancing will help you become a talented and competent balance technician.

The animations and simulations make everything crystal clear – everyone understands how to achieve precision balance, and how to overcome the challenges associated with achieving balance to G 1.0 once they have taken this training.

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