Independently invigilated certification exam

If a candidate cannot attend one of the worldwide authorised examination centres, the exam can be taken at a time and location of the candidate’s choice as long as it is invigilated (proctored) by a MIBoC approved invigilator.

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Detailed description

Our Independently Invigilated Exam process enables a candidate to sit the certification exam online at a location of choice, supervised by an independent invigilator, that has been approved by MIBoC prior to the exam taking place.

The nominated invigilator must be a third and neutral party and independent. This nominated person must not be involved or have a background in condition monitoring and/or reliability based maintenance in any manner and must not be the direct supervisor, manager or related to the candidate taking the exam. An office Human Resource Representative, Training Coordinator, University or Community College Examination Center can be used, or any authorized person that meets the Invigilator criteria.

The approved person invigilating the exam must monitor the candidate in person and be in the same room for the full duration of the exam to ensure the MIBoC examination procedures are followed.

To maintain the security and integrity of the exam, it is a requirement that the exam session is to be video recorded, this is automatically enabled through the online exam platform. A completed and satisfactory exam video is required to validate the exam.

Before applying to use our Online Independently Invigilated Exam Process you must ensure:

  • You have access to a reliable internet connection and a suitable computer or laptop with a webcam and microphone either within the device or able to be connected.
  • You have a nominated invigilator that meets the independent criteria stated above.
  • You agree to be video recorded during the exam.
  • You have paid for your exam. If you have not already done so you can purchase it here.

When you have confirmed that the above criteria has been met, please apply for your exam by completing the: Online Invigilated Exam Application – English.

The Independently Invigilated Online Exam Process works like this:

All Independent Exams are to be taken online using our secure online exam platform.

When an application is received, the Mobius Support Team will review your application and confirm that your nominated invigilator meets the requirements to independently invigilate the exam. A declaration will be sent to the nominated invigilator for completion agreeing to the terms of the MIBoC examination requirements.

When the invigilator has completed and returned the declaration and all invigilation requirements have been met, the application is approved and processed. Detailed instructions on how the exam session is to be conducted will then be e-mailed to both the candidate and the invigilator.

The applicant can now take the exam at a time convenience to candidate and the invigilator ensuring all the MIBoC examination requirements are adhered to.

Please contact if you have any questions about our independently invigilated exam process.