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Binge-watch training videos whenever it suits you. Just press play to learn.

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  • 250+ Training partners worldwide
  • 1,700+ Asset Reliability Practitioner [ARP] students
  • 65,000+ Vibration students (all levels) trained/certified

Online Distance learning delivered your way

Sure, it is nice to listen to an instructor, but what would happen if you asked them to repeat the last section because you had a few doubts? And would they teach it all to you again right before the exam? No. But videos will teach you as many times as you like. At Mobius Institute our web-based video training allows for unparalleled flexibility from anywhere, for anyone, and at any time. You can attain your professional goals in no time.

Play. Learn. Repeat.

You can watch each module and watch it again if the topic covered is not crystal clear in your mind. You can binge-learn, watching one video after another, or you can watch a little, apply the knowledge in your work, and then watch some more. It is totally up to you (although most courses provide access for four months). Your learning occurs independently, which allows you to participate in the training at your speed and your convenience. The process is very easy. You can click, order the video-based course, and in no time, you can start watching and learning. You will be emailed your personal access to the online e-learning portal. Through this portal, you can track your progress if your training has multiple modules. And when you are ready, you can take the certification exam on your computer.

Life Long Learning for Life Long Success

Knowledge is the difference between knowing and guessing. It is the difference between acting quickly with confidence and having to research, and hopefully, eventually, arriving at the correct conclusion. We pride ourselves in developing training videos that are filled with tips and explanations that make the world of condition monitoring and reliability easier to understand – however, unless you have a photographic memory, you may find yourself scratching your head trying to remember what you were taught months or years earlier.

Thankfully, you no longer need to rely on memory alone.

If you pay the premium Life Long Learning price, you will have access to the training videos forever! Yes, no matter when you need to be reminded of how to perform a special test, or why a piece of equipment fails a certain way, or how the symptoms will change in certain circumstances – or any of the many concepts, principles, and techniques you learn via our training videos – you can quickly access the videos and refresh your memory.

Life Long learning applies to our condition monitoring and Asset Reliability Practitioner courses.

And the news keeps getting better. Life Long Learning is for past, present, and future Mobius Institute students regardless of whether you purchased a distance learning course, attended a public course, or hosted a course at your facility! If you pay a nominal cost of the corresponding distance learning course fee you will be given access to the modern, easy to use Learning Management System to learn, refresh, and succeed!

Don’t let your knowledge fade just because your subscription expires.

Vibration Analysis Distance Learning Courses (lead to Certification):

Asset Reliability Practitioner® (ARP) series at all three levels (lead to Certification):

Field Lubrication Distance Learning Course (lead to Certification):

Infrared Thermography Distance Learning Course (lead to Certification):

Ultrasound Analysis Distance Learning Course (lead to Certification):

Reliability short courses: