Introducing the Asset Reliability Transformation® [ART]

ART is the detailed roadmap that will guide you through the minefield that is reliability improvement. Many good people have been lost in that minefield. Many have been so intimidated that they never really got started. You are in safe hands with ART.

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There are a number of important questions you must ask yourself. If you cannot answer them all, you need ART:

  • Do you have a strategy for improving reliability?
  • Do you know what to do first? Do you know what to do second?
  • Do you have goals and targets established?
  • Do you know how to prioritize your activities?
  • Do you have a plan that avoids the common traps that cause most programs to fail?
  • Do you know how to measure the progress of your program?
  • Do you know which technologies to employ, how to employ them, and when to employ them?
  • Do you know how to gain the support of senior management and the general workforce?

There are so many more questions we could ask. You need the answer to all of them.

Sadly, in our experience of over 35 years, we find that most organizations struggle to answer many of those questions.

ART tells you when to ask the right questions and how to answer them, and then what to do with the information. It is all laid out. Step-by-step.

The alternative

Most organizations learn about the common technical elements that must be implemented (CM, RCM, PMO, VA, RCA, etc.) and then set about implementing them – without structure, without prioritization, and without a plan. And that is why most programs fail. They may end up with pockets of successful, but they are failing to achieve the full benefits of a genuine reliability and performance initiative.

The way forward

The Asset Reliability Transformation process is designed to guide you through the initiative, from what you should do on day one, through to what you should continue to do every single day. If you already have a program, you can use the ART process to assess your strengths and “weaknesses” so that you can re-energize and refocus your program. If you don’t have a program, ART will jumpstart the process – you will start seeing results quickly.

We cannot stress strongly enough importance of following our ART process. Without any exaggeration, the majority of reliability improvement programs fail, and there is no doubt that if you follow the ART process, your initiative will not fail.

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