Renewals & Documentation

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To renew your certification, please submit a Renewal Request Form to advise our renewals team that you would like to commence the renewal process. Once submitted the Renewals Team will review your request to renew and advise you of any information required to process your application. You can ensure all is updated by logging into your student profile (, and complete the following:

  • Enter a new work experience record for your work experience accomplished over the past 3 years for Asset Reliability Certification Renewals and 5 years for Condition Monitoring Certification Renewals since your certification was issued. (your experience is required to be verified by your current and/or previous managers to approve your work experience)
  • Agree to the MIBoC Code of Ethics Document
  • Agree to the MIBoC Renewal Declaration

The fee for certification renewal is US $349.99 for a certificate and wallet card issued through our digital platform or USD $499.98 for a hardcopy certificate and wallet card (as well as a digital copy) delivered by DHL courier. Payment is required upon renewal submission and can be made by the following options.

Credit card:
PayPal: If you wish to use this method please email: to arrange a payment link
Direct Bank: By Request to

If you are a current MIBoC certified professional, you may want to consider certification at a higher category as an alternative to renewal. If you choose not to renew, your certification will become invalid on the expiry date and your name will be removed from the Mobius Institute website list of certified analysts.

Renewal for Vibration Analysis, Ultrasound and Infrared Thermography Certification

Per ISO 18436-1, Condition Monitoring certification is valid for a period of 5 years. The time frame for renewal is 6 months prior to it expiring and up until 6 months after the certification expiration. You are able to renew your certification if you can provide verifiable evidence of continued satisfactory work activity in the field of relevant to your certification without significant interruption. For ultrasound certification you will also need to submit a declaration to attest that you have passed a hearing test (ED160). Upon your renewal we will send you a new certificate and card, showing your new expiry date, and your name will be listed on the Mobius Institute website list of certified analysts for a further 5 years.


Renewal for Asset Reliability Practitioner Certification

Certification for Asset Reliability Practitioners is valid for a period of 3 years. The time frame for renewal is 4 months prior to it expiring and up until 4 months after the certification expiration. As part of your renewal you will need to list ongoing personal and professional development in the area of reliability improvement which you have undertaken during the previous three-year certification period. You will find a list of eligible professional development activities in the renewal application form ED170 as per the link below. Whilst the renewal process is conducted on an honor system for reporting the professional development activities, MIBoC will audit five percent (5%) of applicants to verify the accuracy of reporting. The audit process will require you to provide documentary evidence to support the credit points claimed. Guidance on the evidence required is provided in ED170. It is your responsibility to collect and retain such documentation and promptly provide it to MIBoC if requested.


You may purchase your certification renewal from our online store by clicking on the image below.

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