Renewals & Documentation

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If you are a current MIBoC certified professional and you wish to renew your certification, you can apply to renew your certification.

To view the renewal requirements and the process for your specific technology use the link below:

To order your renewal, purchase your renewal from our website by selecting the appropriate image below, or alternatively going to Payment is required prior to your renewal being processed.

Once you have made payment, log into your student profile on the TMS. From your home page, see “Actions Needed” and click on the “Renewals” link, then click “Renew Now” as shown below:

You may wish to consider certification at a higher category as an alternative to renewal. If you choose not to renew, your certification will become invalid on the expiry date and your name will be removed from the Mobius Institute website list of certified analysts.


You may purchase your certification renewal from our online store by clicking on the image below.

Vibration Analysis CAT I - Certification Renewal    Vibration Analysis CAT II - Certification Renewal

Vibration Analysis CAT III - Certification Renewal    Vibration Analysis CAT IV - Certification Renewal