Professional Growth

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Achieve the next level in personal and professional growth.

Training leads to competence and confidence in your role, but you must never stop learning. Accredited, internationally recognized certification creates opportunities and earns respect from your peers. Wherever and however you want to learn, Mobius Institute™ will help you achieve the next level.

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  • 22,000+ Students certified by Mobius Institute worldwide
  • 150 Training partners worldwide
  • 26 Languages our slides have been translated to

What are your goals?

We can help you master the skills of your job to increase your competence and confidence, move to the next level in your career, and achieve internationally recognized certification.

To help you achieve your professional growth, we have laid out a path, from awareness to leadership, which is summarized below, and accessed through the buttons above. Much of it is free – please take advantage and never stop learning!

In summary, Mobius Institute provides training and certification, plus knowledge sites, conferences, and communities so that you will achieve your goals.

MOBIUS CONNECT® Knowledge Sites, Community, and Conferences

You must never stop learning!

We all work in a challenging field. Training courses are a great opportunity to rapidly gain knowledge, but for the other 300 days of the year, you must be part of MOBIUS CONNECT. You can solve problems, continue learning, and share your hard-earned experience via forums, a live feed, knowledge sites, and conferences:

CBM+RELIABILITY CONNECT® Live Training Conferences

Knowledge-sites and courses are great, but there is something special about attending a conference, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow practitioners, meeting industry experts, learning from case studies and workshops, and meeting solution-providers from around the world. You must make it part of your learning path.

The CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT® Live Training Conferences have been running in eight countries so far since 2016 – and we are just getting started!

  • For Reliability, maintenance, and CBM leaders and practitioners
  • Conferences held all over the world
  • Workshops, presentations, and case studies
  • Mini-courses (free video training + one-day training) to become trained and certified
  • Interactive forums with expert panels
  • Exhibition with the industry’s newest technologies and tools
  • Network with industry experts and your peers

We hope you can attend. We would love you to present a paper and share your knowledge and experience.

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iLearnReliability™ Learning Management System (LMS)

iLearnReliability is a web-based learning management system (LMS) that provides training on a broad range of topics for everyone in the plant. There are “toolbox talks”, “manager briefings”, “skills training” and other modules that are designed for different audiences. In many cases, the same topic is covered many times because different people need a different level of depth and they have different interests: business benefits, the demystification of technology, “how-to”, etc.

  • iLearnReliability [Condition Monitoring]
  • iLearnReliability [Enterprise]
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Precision Maintenance Skills Training

Master the skills to set up rotating machinery for reliable operation

The reliability of rotating machinery begins with precision maintenance skills. Precision lubrication, shaft alignment, and rotor balancing ensure the machine operates smoothly with minimal rotating forces and friction. The shafts, bearings, gears, seals, impellers, and all other components will achieve their design lifetime when they are not subjected to excess rotating forces.

  • Precision shaft alignment: on-site hands-on or iLearnAlignment™
  • Precision rotor balancing: on-site hands-on or iLearnBalancing™
  • iLearnReliability™: Lubrication, alignment, balancing, fastening, and more

Precision skills are essential. Online e-learning ensures everyone understands the importance, and how to perform the tasks correctly.

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Condition Monitoring Training and Certification

See the future with condition monitoring

With a successful condition monitoring program, you can detect root causes, and detect the onset of failure. It takes skill, intelligence, and the mindset of a detective to be a successful condition monitoring practitioner.

You can master condition monitoring in many ways:

  • Visit CBM CONNECT® to learn for free
  • Utilize iLearnReliability™ to get everyone up to speed on all the condition monitoring technologies
  • Master vibration analysis or ultrasound according to ISO 18436 standards
  • Learn how to design the asset strategy or lead the program with Asset Reliability Practitioner® [ARP] training
  • Follow a strategy that will ensure you have a successful initiative with Asset Reliability Transformation® [ART]

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Asset Reliability Practitioner [ARP]® Training and Certification

The Asset Reliability Practitioner training and certification programs will enable you to launch a new program, revive an existing program, and provide Reliability Engineers and Leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully perform their roles.

  • ARP-A “Reliability Advocate” – to gain a holistic view of the reliability and performance improvement program
  • ARP-E “Reliability Engineer” – to gain the detailed technical knowledge necessary to take on the challenges of improving maintenance, reliability, and condition monitoring
  • ARP-L “Reliability Program Leader” – to gain the business, strategic, and leadership skills necessary to run a successful program
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Asset Reliability Transformation® [ART]

One of the keys to success: a practical, detailed strategy

You must have a strategy to be successful. Improving reliability and achieving target levels of performance is not easy. Many have tried and many have failed. The most common reason for failure is a lack of strategy: a plan that avoids the bear traps and keeps everyone motivated and aligned.

We have built the Asset Reliability Transformation [ART] process that will guide you, step-by-step through, the initiative:

  • 10 phases, 64 steps, and 365 documented recommended practices – no stone left unturned
  • We help you ask the right questions at the right time so you make the right moves
  • VALUE, PEOPLE, and STRATEGY: Build a solid foundation
  • CONTROL: Overcome reactive maintenance
  • ACQUIRE, DISCIPLINE, CARE, ANALYTICS, EOL, and OPTIMIZE: Don’t create problems, make data-driven decisions, and continually improve

Regardless of your starting point, regardless of your industry, ART will enable you to run a successful reliability and performance improvement initiative.

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