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You must educate everyone if you wish to change the culture. Everyone educated, motivated, and aligned. iLearnReliability will enable you to achieve that goal.

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There is a disagreement in the reliability world

It is said that winning the support of the people within an organization is half of the challenge in achieving a reliable plant.

But many people, with experience, disagree. They would argue it is more like 75% of the challenge.

Focused training, such as Asset Reliability Practitioner® [ARP] and detailed condition monitoring training, tend to only focus on the specialists working in those areas. That’s great, but it is not enough.

You must have a way of creating awareness, buy-in, and enthusiasm for the program in order to have success. You must demystify the technologies and the strategy. Everyone must understand “what’s in it for me”.

Introduction to Oil Analysis | iLearnReliability | Reliability | Mobius Institute

What is iLearnReliability?

iLearnReliability is a web-based learning management system (LMS) that provides training on a broad range of topics for everyone in the plant. There are “toolbox talks”, “manager briefings”, “skills training” and other modules that are designed for different audiences. In many cases, the same topic is covered many times because different people need a different level of depth and they have different interests: business benefits, the demystification of a technology, “how-to”, etc.

You can take the training as many times as you like. People who take an interest can learn the topics at a deeper level. New employees can get up to speed quickly. There are so many benefits.

And one of the key benefits is that you will have everyone speaking the same language. Everyone will understand the goals, they will understand how they can contribute, they will be familiar with the terminology – everyone will pull in the same direction.

iLearnReliability is a series of e-learning mini-courses

Some courses are very short. Some are quite long. Each one is narrated, slide-by-slide, filled with graphics, illustrations, animations, and in many cases, interactive simulations.

Our animations make it easier to understand and more engaging – people enjoy learning with iLearnReliability.

Our simulations actually allow the participant to engage with the lesson. In this case, the camera can be moved so you can see the hot-spot!

Learn more about iLearnReliability

  • iLearnReliability Program Structure

    iLearnReliability is a subscription-based product. The cost depends upon the number of people you wish to register within the learning management system. The pricing is structured to make it extremely affordable so that everyone can receive the training. The learning management system is designed to organize and monitor the learning process – you can decide who learns what (although we provide recommendations), you can determine who has completed training modules, and you can review their test scores (if you wish to offer testing).

  • See All iLearnReliability Topics Covered



    Topic Depth Condition Monitoring Professional Development Enterprise Edition
    EE-RR Roadmap
    to Reliability
    Essential Elements Roadmap to Reliability Star 1Roadmap to Reliability Star 2 condition monitoring 1 professional development checkmark enterprise edition checkmark
    EE-DE Defect Elimination Essential Elements defect elimination star 1defect elimination star 2 condition monitoring box 2 professional development checkmark 2 enterprise edition - defect elimination checkmark
    EE-ACR Asset Criticality Ranking Essential Elements Gold StarGold Star
    EE-RCM Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Essential Elements Gold StarGold Star
    EE-MP Maintenance Practices Essential Elements Gold Star 1Gold Star 2
    EE-FMEA Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) Essential Elements Gold Star 3Gold Star 4
    EE-PMO Planned Maintenance Optimization (PMO) Essential Elements Gold Star 5Gold Star 6
    EE-CBM Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) Essential Elements Gold Star 7Gold Star 8
    EE-VIB Vibration Analysis Essential Elements Gold Star 9Gold Star 10
    EE-UT Ultrasound Testing Essential Elements Gold Star 11Gold Star 12
    EE-IR Infrared Thermal Imaging Essential Elements Gold Star 13Gold Star 14
    EE-ALIGN Alignment Essential Elements Gold Star 15Gold Star 16
    EE-BAL Balance Essential Elements Gold Star 17Gold Star 18
    EE-CC Lubrication Contamination Control Essential Elements Gold Star 19Gold Star 20
    EE-PM Preventive Maintenance Essential Elements Gold Star 21Gold Star 22
    EE-ODR Operator Driven Reliability Essential Elements Gold Star 23
    MT-M-1 The Roadmap to Reliability Improvement Manager Training Gold Star 24Gold Star 25Gold Star 26
    MT-M-2 Understanding Maintenance Practices Manager Training Gold Star 27Gold Star 28Gold Star 29
    MT-M-3 KPIs, Benchmarking, And Continuous Improvement Manager Training Gold Star 30Gold Star 31Gold Star 32
    MT-M-4 Leadership And Culture Change Manager Training Gold StarGold StarGold Star
    MT-M-5 Building a Master Asset List Manager Training Gold StarGold StarGold Star
    MT-M-6 Establishing the Asset Criticality Ranking  Manager Training Gold StarGold StarGold Star
    MT-M-7 Determining your Asset Maintenance Strategy Manager Training Gold StarGold StarGold Star
    MT-M-9 Establishing a New Vibration Monitoring Program Manager Training Gold StarGold StarGold Star
    MT-M-10 Supercharging an Existing Vibration Monitoring Program Manager Training
    MT-CM-1 An
    Introduction to Condition Monitoring Technologies
    Manager Training
    MT-CM-2 Vibration Analysis and Bearing Fault Detection Manager Training
    MT-CM-3 Airborne And Structure-Borne Ultrasound Manager Training
    MT-CM-4 Oil Analysis and Wear Particle Analysis Manager Training
    MT-CM-5 On-line and Off-line Electric Motor Testing Manager Training
    MT-CM-6 Infrared
    Manager Training
    MT-PM-1 An Introduction to Shaft Alignment Manager Training
    MT-PM-2 An Introduction to Precision Balancing Manager Training
    MT-PM-3 Precision Lubrication and Contamination Control Manager Training
    MB-M-1 Roadmap
    to Reliability (A Summary)
    Management Briefs
    MB-M-2 Condition
    Based Maintenance vs. Preventive Maintenance
    Management Briefs
    MB-M-3 The
    Benefits of Reliability & Condition Based Maintenance
    Management Briefs
    MB-M-4 What is Classical Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)? Management Briefs
    MB-M-7 Why Condition Monitoring does not Improve Reliability Management Briefs
    ST-CM-1 Vibration
    Skills Training
    ST-CM-2 Accurate and
    Repeatable Data Collection
    Skills Training
    ST-CM-3 Diagnosing
    Common Faults with Spectrum Analysis
    Skills Training
    ST-CM-4 Vibration
    Skills Training
    ST-PM-1 Precision
    Shaft Alignment
    Skills Training
    ST-PM-2 Field
    Skills Training
    TT-CM-1 Condition
    Monitoring and Reliability
    Toolbox Talks
    TT-CM-2 Vibration
    Toolbox Talks
    TT-CM-3 Ultrasound Toolbox Talks
    TT-CM-4 Thermography Toolbox Talks
    TT-CM-5 Oil
    Analysis and Wear Particle Analysis
    Toolbox Talks
    TT-CM-6 Electric
    Motor Testing
    Toolbox Talks
    TT-PM-1 The
    Need for Precision Maintenance
    Toolbox Talks
    TT-PM-3 An
    Introduction to Precision Shaft Alignment
    Toolbox Talks
    TT-PM-6 An
    Introduction to Precision Balancing
    Toolbox Talks
    TT-PM-7 Precision
    Lubrication (and Contamination Control)
    Toolbox Talks
  • How Good does iLearnReliability Look?

    It looks really good (but we’re biased)! If training is boring, or sloppy, people will disengage. They will be distracted, and they won’t retain what they are taught. We are proud of iLearnReliability, and we hope you will like it too!  iLearnReliability is supported on all platforms, i.e. PC, tablet, and phone, to make it accessible for everyone.

    Here are some sample screenshots:


    iLearnReliability Sample - Oil Analysis iLearnReliability Sample - Bearing Fault Damage Introduction to Infrared Thermography - iLearnReliability Infrared Thermography Phase - iLearnReliabilitySpot Radiometer for Infrared Thermography - iLearnReliability

  • Our Current iLearnReliability Users

    Our Current users

    As of 2020, over 4500 people have learned via iLearnReliability. We have customers with 10-user licenses up to 400 user-licenses. Over 20 corporations are subscribed at this time, and they include Anglo American, Bachmann, Compass Minerals, DP World, Eagle Electric, Energy Australia, Evraz North America, Freeport-McMoran, and Qatar Energy.

    We thank all of our customers for their support!

  • See sample lessons in action

    Please contact us if you would like an account to evaluate iLearnReliability.