Private On-Site Instructor-Led Training

Save money and time, and train more people. For the private on-site instructor-led training, let the instructor travel to your site and relate everything in the course to your unique circumstances.

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  • 1,000+ Animations used in our courses and webinars
  • 22,000+ Students certified by Mobius Institute worldwide
  • 450+ Simulators used in our courses and webinars

Safer. Less expensive. And customized. Bring the instructor to your site.

On-site instructor-led training presents a unique training opportunity. If the instructor travels instead of your team, you will save money on travel, accommodation, and meal costs. In addition, you avoid the issues (and potential risks) often related to taking people away from the plant and their families. And with the money you save, you should consider adding people to the class, even if they do not need to be trained and certified as a critical part of their role. It always helps if there is broad awareness of the technologies deployed at the site, and the strategy behind their use.

To take full advantage of on-site training, we recommend that you invite the instructor to the site the day before the course. Take the instructor on a tour around the plant. Tell the instructor about your business and the unique challenges that you face. The instructor will then be able to relate the topics being taught to your situation, thus “contextualizing” the training. The attendees will get much more out of the course.

Of course, even if you have the instructor deliver the training at your site, every participant can view a video version of the course in our “Learning zone” before and after the course, they will still benefit from the “student polling devices”, and you will still experience the professionally developed material, filled with animations and simulations, delivered by our trained and qualified instructor. You can learn more about those benefits here.

We have partners all over the world who would love to come to your site and share their knowledge.

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