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Education and certification are key to your customer’s success.

Our goal is to help you grow your business by delivering training, education, and certification. Successful customers translate to a successful business. We do this in many ways: You can deliver courses and administer the exams. You can create articles, tips, and Webinars for the Mobius CONNECT® sites. You can exhibit and deliver presentations at the Mobius CONNECT training event. And you can even lead a local COMMUNITY CONNECT™ group to ensure the success of businesses in your local area. All of these measures will help your customers and your business grow.

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Success through Partnerships

Our goal is to help people around the world achieve success in their reliability improvement program.

But we cannot do it without partners who are able to deliver the training, administer the exams, and provide essential services. Those essential services include the software, instrumentation, and tools that enable the effective functioning of the program and mentoring and consulting advice that guides the reliability personnel along their path.

By partnering with Mobius Institute™, we hope that your business will grow and flourish. Delivering training generates revenue, but it also establishes a strong bond with the course attendees. If those attendees need products or services, they should think of you. Anyone can write flattering marketing material but not everyone has the ability to execute on the promises made. When you teach courses, (or present at conferences and in CONNECT ®videos), you prove your ability and you connect with the attendees.

As a Mobius Institute partner, you will be demonstrating your competence, expertise, and desire to help make CBM and reliability practitioners successful. Sales are based on relationships and our partnership programs will help you establish long and fruitful relationships.

We offer numerous partnership opportunities: training partners, COMMUNITY CONNECT™ leaders, conference sponsors, and Mobius CONNECT® website advertisers. In addition, if you are willing to share your knowledge and experience in a non-commercial manner, you should deliver presentations and workshops at our conferences and contribute content on the Mobius CONNECT websites.

Become a Training Partner

Mobius Institute

If you have the skills, experience, and qualifications to deliver training at the highest level, we have the material and tools to enable you to deliver Mobius Institute™ training courses.

Mobius Institute authorized training partners are respected in their country. Educating your customers, and helping them to achieve their goals, is a win-win for you and your customer. Multi-site and multinational companies achieve even greater benefits by having all of their employees at all of their sites trained with the same professional material.

  • You can deliver public courses in professional hotels or in your own training facility.
  • You can deliver courses at your customer’s site.
  • And you can deliver virtual training via the Internet over the same period of time as a normal life course, or over an extended period of time which provides greater flexibility for your customers, and allows them to absorb and apply the knowledge between training sessions.

It is up to you to find the best way to serve your customers.

Please contact for more information.

Advertise with MOBIUS CONNECT®

We are building a community of CBM and reliability practitioners around the world who wish to improve their knowledge and competence.

Mobius Connect | Condition Monitoring and Reliability Improvement CBM Connect | The Home of Condition Monitoring Education Reliability Connect | The Home of Reliability Improvement Education

The and websites (available in English and Spanish) are filled with videos, articles, tips, and other content that help people learn. And at, we have a feed and forums that allow people to solve, learn, and share.

Your current and future customers visit these websites.

By sponsoring the websites, you will create awareness of your brands and your products. We have developed the sites so that your advertisements appear only when they are relevant: because of the country where the visitor is located and because of the content they are learning about.

The Webinar is one of the most effective tools, as long as it is filled with helpful content. Webinars get your message across and they are viewed again and again. We also have “learning paths” which are a series of lessons, taken one or two weeks apart, that educate the visitor. In both cases, you achieve the opportunity to make multiple connections with the visitor.

Please note that you are invited to create videos, articles, and podcasts that educate people about how to be successful in CBM and reliability improvement regardless of your sponsorship status. The only requirement is that they genuinely aim to help the reader and they are not commercial in nature.

Please contact to learn more about how you can contribute to CBM CONNECT and RELIABILITY CONNECT.

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Sponsor a CBM+RELIABILITY CONNECT® Live Training Event

In order to bring people together to continue their education in an interactive environment, we host CBM+RELIABILITY CONNECT One Day Training Events all over the world.

These local events feature focused learning sessions, real-life case studies, to the latest technologies featured in the expo, this training event provides practical learning in the important aspects of condition monitoring technologies and reliability . In addition, our events provide the space for networking with peers, industry professionals, and solution providers in one place, in one day.

Your current and future customers attend these training events.

By sponsoring an event, you will be helping people to continue their education, and you will gain additional exposure and respect for your brand and products. Booths provide an opportunity to show off your products and catch up with future and existing customers in person.

There is also the opportunity to provide educational sessions. The sessions are available regardless of whether you sponsor the conference; the only criteria are that the participants learn something they can apply when they return to their plant and there are no commercial sales-pitches.

Check out our upcoming live One Day Training Events here.

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