Mobius Institute™ is proud to offer scholarships for people around the world that are unable to receive training that will help them in their careers. If you have the passion to become a practicing vibration analyst and access to the internet capable of streaming video then you qualify. Four times a year, we will award a scholarship to three people in each of the regions of Asia-Pacific, EMEA, and the Americas.

Mobius Institute International scholarshipRecipients who are offered a scholarship will be provided with:

Free access to both VCAT-I and VCAT-II online video-based training
Complimentary corresponding certification exams (one re-sit if necessary)
All shipping costs of the materials paid by Mobius

Please click Mobius Scholarship 2024 to apply

You will be asked a series of questions so the committee can determine who would benefit from our assistance including need, desire to learn, and desire to advance your in career.

Submissions periods are April 1, July 1, October 1, and January 1. You can apply during each of the 4 submission periods if you weren’t previously selected.

Watch this space, as we will soon make this offer for ARP® training and certification as well.


For any further queries about the scholarship and selection process please contact

Congratulations to our recent scholarship recipients:

2023 Winners

1st Quarter


Pablo Arocha

“Thank you very much for this opportunity, you cannot imagine how excited I am to know that I was privileged and blessed with the scholarship from your institution. This represents a great growth in my professional career and in my field of work, I know that with the knowledge that you will give me I will be able to help my colleagues and tutors with whom I work every day.”

Patrick Paulo Mendoza

“I am grateful for the scholarship; it signifies a crucial opportunity in my role as a maintenance engineer. Vibration analysis, a vital diagnostic tool, facilitates the early detection of machinery faults, empowering proactive interventions to improve equipment reliability and reduce downtime. Excited about the potential for growth in this field, the scholarship is my gateway to overcoming knowledge barriers, acquiring new skills, and embarking on a transformative journey toward a new career path. I am sincerely thankful to the Mobius Institute for this significant award.”

Yelaman Maidanbekov

“I am very grateful to the Mobius Institute for the opportunity. Receiving this scholarship has significantly reduced the financial burden of my family, brought peace of mind and will help me to further achieve career goals. I really appreciate your generous financial support.”


2nd Quarter

Kanwar Naveed Ahmad

“I am really grateful to be selected for this scholarship by Mobius Institute. Mobius Institute’s certified professionals are acknowledged worldwide.  I wished for this opportunity that has now been granted by Mobius Institute team. This scholarship will certainly help me to enhance my expertise in vibration analysis field and to advance my career. Thanks again Mobius Institute for this kind consideration.”




Brayan Linares

“It’s a blessing to have received this opportunity from the team at Mobius Institute, I am a aspiring technician who has developed a passion in rotating equipment and would love to move into the more technical field of reliability. This award will be a blessing to me and all the people I will share this knowledge as it will benefit my team and encourage those around me to not only overcome the challenges in this field but actively seek them in the search for more knowledge. Thank you so much Mobius Institute, I cannot put into words how grateful I am.”


Christine Reddy

“Receiving the scholarship is a profound honor, emblematic of overcoming challenges as a woman from South Africa with limited opportunities. This scholarship has not only transformed my life but has had a ripple effect, positively impacting those around me. It serves as a testament to perseverance, breaking barriers, and embracing education as a catalyst for change. Through this support, I am empowered to contribute meaningfully to my community, bridging gaps and inspiring others to pursue their aspirations. The scholarship fosters a spirit of resilience and determination, reinforcing the belief that education is a powerful force for personal and collective advancement.”


3rd Quarter

Ishmael Kusi

“Being awarded a scholarship means that you have been recognized for my achievements and potential. It’s a wonderful opportunity to pursue my education/training without financial burden. I just feel blessed that I am given the opportunity to be awarded a scholarship to help fulfill my dreams and advance in my career path.”




Gervin Wong

“I am greatly honored to be a recipient of this scholarship from Mobius Institute. This scholarship gives me an opportunity to have major career advancement in the field vibration analysis. It would enable me to deepen my knowledge and polish my skills on vibration analysis.”




Alejandro Cardenas

“The Mobius scholarship represents a great opportunity in my life to grow both personally and professionally, which will have a positive impact on me and my family. Furthermore, it will consolidate my knowledge and skills in vibration analysis.”