About Mobius Institute™

Mobius Institute exists to help you achieve your goals through innovative training, respected certification, reliability improvement strategies, and training conferences. Plus we offer the no-cost MOBIUS CONNECT® community of websites and an app where you can solve problems, continue learning, and share experience globally or within your local community. We have helped thousands of reliability, condition monitoring, and maintenance leaders and practitioners achieve their goals, and we hope to help you, too.

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Watch our 5-minute introduction to Mobius Institute

Working in the field of reliability improvement is challenging but so very important.

Whether you are trying to master technically complex condition monitoring technologies, or achieving competence in precision maintenance techniques, mastering maintenance and reliability engineering principles, or leading the reliability improvement initiative, it is essential that we gain the knowledge to be successful and the recognition that you deserve.

Training provides competence and confidence

Mobius Institute provides training that sets you up for success. Our training techniques and delivery mechanisms ensure that you will be able to apply the knowledge you have gained.

Certification earns respect and opens career opportunities

The certification we offer via the Mobius Institute Board of Certification™ is internationally recognized and meets the highest standards as recognized through the ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation process. People respect those who have achieved Mobius Institute certification.

A strategy that guides you every step of the way

Training and certification are key to the success of your reliability improvement initiative, but sadly, many initiatives fail to achieve the desired level of performance due to a lack of a strategy; a plan that guides the process from the very beginning. Improving reliability can be daunting, the Asset Reliability Transformation® [ART] and associated training will ensure your program is a success.

A growth path from awareness to leadership

As important as training and certification are, learning for just five days of the year is simply not enough. And while learning via articles and videos can be tremendously helpful, we realize that human to human engagement is also critically important in the development process.

We have established a suite of options to give you the opportunity to continue learning, create new opportunities, and when you are ready, share your knowledge and experience with others.

  • You can solve problems, continue learning, and share experience at MOBIUS CONNECT®
  • You can learn and share online at RELIABILITY CONNECT® and CBM CONNECT® English and Spanish
  • You can attend presentations and workshops and meets with your fellow practitioners via our CBM+RELIABILITY CONNECT® live training event held around the world.
  • You can participate in community roundtable discussions, plant tours, and meetings via COMMUNITY CONNECT™
  • And you can provide access to your entire organization to a range of online learning modules to ensure that everyone is on the same page and pulling in the same direction via iLearnReliability™

We have two mottos: “Educate everyone” to achieve the plant-wide culture you require, and “Never stop learning” so that everyone reaches their potential.