Educate Everyone: Corporate Reliability Through Education

Everyone educated. Everyone skilled. Everyone pulling in the same direction. You just can't lose!

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Education motivates and generates competence and confidence.

Many of the roles that make up the reliability improvement team are technically challenging and require deep knowledge to be successful. Having said that, without leadership skills, and a focus on business, strategy, and culture, the program will not succeed. Education plays a key role in changing the culture and it gives people the knowledge, and qualifications, to play their role and contribute to the program.

Mobius Institute can help in many ways:

Education, awareness, and enthusiastic contribution are keys to achieving a reliable plant that performs at target levels. Below we describe how we can help you succeed.

Corporate Reliability through Education

  • What about certification?

    Certification also performs an important role. Certification can provide motivation to complete the training – and that training provides life-long benefits. Certification enables an organization to be sure that their team is capable of performing their roles to the highest standard. Certification provides a person with recognition of what they have achieved; they should be proud of those achievements.

    Learn about certification

  • What about cross-training?

    But it is not enough to simply educate those who require detailed knowledge and qualifications. It takes a team to be successful with reliability. But if each team member only understands their individual role, it makes it almost impossible to understand, and therefore support, the other team members. For example, condition monitoring specialists should understand planning and scheduling, and the planners should understand the condition monitoring process. There are dozens of examples like this.

  • What about people outside the reliability group?

    In addition, if people do not understand the business case for reliability improvement, or if they don’t understand how they individually benefit by working in a reliable plant, or if they don’t understand why equipment fails to perform at the desired level of performance, or if they have no idea why special tests are performed on equipment, and if they don’t know how they can contribute, then once again, the reliability improvement process will die a slow death.

  • What is the answer?

    The answer is to educate everyone. Some people need just a little bit of knowledge about a lot of subjects. Other people need more detailed knowledge about a small number of subjects. And some people require expert-level knowledge so they have the skills and competence to perform their roles.

    Without cross-training, the program will be flying blind because the left hand won’t know what the right hand is doing.

  • Uniformity of knowledge

    If you work in an organization with multiple plant sites, you need every site to develop its reliability improvement process in parallel. Everyone should speak the same reliability language. Everyone should be certified to the same level. Everyone should share the same philosophy and follow the same plan for success. Everyone should share what they have learned.

    You cannot do that unless people are being trained in the same way.

    Mobius Institute is the only worldwide organization that provides standardized, high-quality training, and accredited certification. We have a growing number of partnerships, but at this writing, there are 150 partners in 62 countries. Some of our training is available in 26 languages.

    We can help you educate everyone across all your sites.

  • Growth path

    While it is important to consider your immediate training requirements, you must also consider the natural desire for people to progress in their career, and the fact that as people retire and move to other companies, gaps will form that must be filled.

    Mobius Institute has developed a series of training courses that are designed to help people master precision maintenance skills, condition monitoring, and reliability improvement, which also provides a growth path so that people can achieve their goals while the organization also achieves its goals.

    Learn about professional growth

How do we educate everyone?

Mobius Institute, and its worldwide partners, offer a number of mechanisms to provide that education and certification.

  • Public courses

    For people who need detailed knowledge and certification, there are public courses held around the world. Before the course commences you can begin learning online in our “learning-zone”. Our courses are second to none, utilizing modern simulations and animations and training techniques that ensure that everyone understands the topics not just (temporarily) remembers the topics.

    Our public courses are conducted all over the world in many languages.

    Learn more about public courses

  • On-site courses

    If you have more than a few people to train, the most economical option is to invite the instructor to teach the class at your site. And with the savings, you can educate more people.

    When it comes to topics in reliability improvement such as the ARP-A “Reliability Advocate” course, there are significant advantages in teaching as many people as possible, and teaching them on-site so you can discuss your unique situation during the course.

    But even with the introductory condition monitoring courses, the more people who understand the technology the better. While some of the attendees will go on and use the technology, there is value in demystifying the technology for others involved in the maintenance, engineering, and reliability groups.

    The other important advantage of on-site training is that the instructor can somewhat customize the delivery of the training to emphasize how the technologies and practices would apply directly to your organization. For the best results, allow the instructor to spend at least a few hours meeting with you prior to the course so they may learn more about the unique challenges you face.

    Please view our list of partners to find an organization that can come to your site and provide the training and certification.

    Learn more about on-site courses

  • Virtual online instructor-led training

    To save travel costs you may prefer to learn online via a tool like Zoom or GoToMeeting. You can interact with the instructor and the other participants. And if your organization has multiple sites, consider having a virtual class with practitioners from each of your sites. It will be a bonding exercise for your team.

    Many of our partners offer virtual courses supporting many time-zones and languages.

    Learn more about virtual courses

  • Video-based distance learning

    Video-based distance learning courses enable an organization to train its staff without the cost of travel and without taking people away from the plant for extended periods of time. People can learn at their own pace (and re-learn if it was not crystal clear the first time) by watching videos of the course. Distance learning courses fully comply with ISO standards, and the certification exam can also be taken online.

    The video-based courses can be purchased via our site.

    Learn more about video courses

  • Corporate wide awareness and skills training via iLearnReliability

    Live instructor-led training is very effective, but unless you plan to have multiple sessions throughout the year, on all the relevant topics, then unfortunately, the benefit of that training will soon be lost. It is a great way to start, but you need the means to reinforce the content of the training; for new staff, for people who change their roles, and just to refresh everyone’s memories and maintain a focus on what’s important.

    We offer a very affordable e-learning system that delivers video-based training via the Internet on a wide range of topics at different levels of detail. The system, known as iLearnReliability, is primarily focused on generating awareness and buy-in for the reliability improvement program, however, all the distance learning courses can also be made part of the system. In that way, you gain all the benefits of a learning management system and the convenience of being able to learn at a time that suits the individual being trained.

    Companies around the world have generated loyal and passionate contributors to their reliability improvement program with iLearnReliability.

    Learn more about iLearnReliability

  • On-going education

    The training options we have discussed above will develop a passionate, highly skilled workforce, but they should never stop learning! We created Mobius CONNECT for that reason:

    • We have two websites, and, that are filled with videos, articles, tips, and more, where your workforce can continue learning and sharing without charge.
    • We offer training conferences around the world where, once again, people can solve problems, learn, network, and share their knowledge in a live setting.
    • We are establishing communities all over the world so people can meet and share their knowledge.

    We are serious in the belief that to be successful everyone must continue to learn, grow, and reinforce their knowledge. We hope the options presented here will help your reliability team and the broader workforce achieve their goals – and the organization’s goals.

    Learn more about Mobius CONNECT

We hope the options presented here will help your reliability team and the broader workforce achieve their goals – and the organization’s goals.