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Helping people solve problems, continue learning, and share knowledge and advice – all at the local community level.

COMMUNITY CONNECT brings people with experience to share, together with reliability, condition monitoring, and maintenance people who need it.

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Mobius CONNECT helps people all over the world, but we know that there will be a large group of people who will not engage with Mobius CONNECT. They may not know it exists, they may be intimidated to share their problems, and they may not be comfortable sharing their thoughts with “strangers”.

On the other hand, if there was a local community, led by local people with passion and experience to share, they would benefit far more. And that is why we created COMMUNITY CONNECT.


  • Solve problems, learn, and share knowledge and experience within their local community
  • Learn with free, managed, awareness training
  • Discuss problems and challenges via their private forum
  • Conduct meetings (virtual or in-person) in order to:
  • Learn, network, and socialize
  • Discuss and solve members’ challenges
  • Hold a plant-tour to discover how one community members has solved a problem at their site
  • Hold mini-expos or conferences to bring a larger group of people together
  • Do whatever it takes to make the community strong and make the business safe, competitive, and viable.

A sad reality

Did you know that there are approximately 280,000 manufacturing plants in the United States alone, plus there are power stations, wastewater treatment facilities, ships at sea, and other facilities that all suffer maintenance and operational issues that ultimately result in poor safety and environmental records, and poor financial performance?

Some of those organizations employ people who seek to improve their situation. History tells us that many of those improvement initiatives do not achieve the desired results. Many of those organizations, therefore, are uncompetitive (and dangerous) and risk closure, affecting the employees, their families, and the local community.

Now consider how many organizations there are around the world facing the same dilemma.

The Mobius Institute™ training courses and conferences, and even our free websites centered around Mobius CONNECT, merely scratch the surface. An enormous number of people could benefit from this knowledge, but they don’t.

We want to do something about that.

We believe COMMUNITY CONNECT can make a difference. But we need your help.


COMMUNITY CONNECT is similar, in concept, to a “local chapter”. The major difference is that Mobius Institute will stand behind the “chapter” to make it successful. We will provide the funding, the technical infrastructure, and all of the support services (yes, real people actually helping) so that the only thing that the community leader and members need to do is share their knowledge and experience.

So many chapters around the world struggle to achieve their goals. They are fortunate to have passionate, generous people leading the chapter, but dealing with membership, websites, virtual meeting tools, communication, meeting organization, budgets, forums, event marketing, meeting organization, and all of the other tasks is like dying a death of a thousand cuts.

Very few chapters around the world succeed.

As a result, their community does not get the support that it needs, and the leadership of the chapters simply become frustrated.

We do not want to make the same mistakes.

Mobius Institute will provide everything necessary to make the local community successful. This includes:

  • Free training for members to help them move up the learning curve.
  • A website for the community with the best-in-class, integrated tools to make it function effectively:
  • Membership management
  • Communication tools
  • Virtual meeting (e.g. Zoom)
  • Event management: notifications, organization, etc.
  • Community private the forums
  • A feed via the app for notifications
  • A team of people, at Mobius Institute, that will help to organize events, create meeting flyers, organize presenters, and more.
  • A “playbook” and training to help the community leader get up to speed quickly

Calling all leaders

If you have knowledge that you believe would be beneficial to those organizations, and you have the energy and desire to help them, then we want to help you help them.

How many plants and facilities are within approximately 300 miles or 500 km of your location? Would you be willing to personally reach out to those companies and tell them that you are willing to share advice without charge?

We believe that you will find three types of organizations:

  • Some organizations will be frustrated with the current situation and will be relieved to know that a group is forming in their local community that is willing to help them and there is an organization behind the group that will provide the necessary support and educational tools to make the group successful.
  • Some organizations will gladly join the group and will acknowledge that they have certain strengths and weaknesses. They will be eager to make improvements where they have weaknesses, and hopefully, they will be equally eager to share their strengths. They will become leaders in your community in specific areas: lubrication, planning and scheduling, vibration analysis, or some other area.
  • Sadly, some organizations will be “happy” with the status quo. Hopefully, you will stay in contact, and, at some point, they will see the light and want to get involved.

If you are willing to help your community, we are eager to help you. Remember, the leader does not have to have all the answers. The leader of the community simply needs to step up, be the focal point, and be willing to make the connections between the people who need the advice with the people who have the advice to give.

Calling all managers and practitioners

If you would like to be part of a community, but you are not in a position to lead the community, contact us and we can put you on a “waiting list” until we find a person who is able to lead your community. You may even like to recommend a person in your community who you believe has the right personality and experience.

What do we do next?

We have an FAQ section below that will answer the questions you may have, but when you are ready, visit COMMUNITY CONNECT

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most common questions regarding COMMUNITY CONNECT


    To be honest, there are two reasons we created COMMUNITY CONNECT:

    1. It is in our DNA to share knowledge and experience. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to see people achieve their goals thanks to the knowledge they gain through our business. But we believe that the functionality of Mobius CONNECT, CBM CONNECT®, and RELIABILITY CONNECT®, and our international conferences, will not meet the needs of everyone in the broader reliability, maintenance, performance improvement, and condition monitoring community. We believe COMMUNITY CONNECT will benefit far more people.
    2. We do run a commercial business, so it is fair to say that we hope that we will have more people attend our training courses and conferences, and more commercial organizations will choose to provide knowledge and sponsorships via our sites. We have employees and their families to feed, and we aspire to run a commercially profitable business. We see it as a win-win.

    COMMUNITY CONNECT will receive funding from three sources. Given that, at this writing, COMMUNITY CONNECT is just getting started, we have not determined the exact balance of these three sources.

    1. Although membership will be free in 2020, we anticipate introducing a small fee in the future. We have a separate FAQ on this topic.
    2. We are seeking to form partnerships with organizations that serve the communities to generate sponsorship revenue that will support the community. These sponsorships will be “nonintrusive”; members will not be spammed, members will not need to pledge allegiance to the sponsors, and members will not be required to purchase their products. However, if members are aware that there are organizations that have products or services that will help them achieve their goals, then it is a win-win. In addition, we want to allow local companies to financially support their communities to help them be successful. This may be in the form of sponsoring individual meetings, paying for a presenter to attend a community meeting, hosting meetings at their workshops or meeting rooms, and in other ways. Sponsors could be commercial “vendors” or location industrial companies as part of their civic duty.
    3. Mobius Institute will also be funding the communities. We do hope that some members of the community might decide to take a training course or attend a conference, but COMMUNITY CONNECT should not be a profit-making venture.

    If you are willing to share your time and experience, and you will do so in a noncommercial manner (even if you run a business rather than working in an industrial facility) then you have what it takes to start a community. Please write to us and we can begin the discussions:


    Yes. We anticipate that some groups may like to focus on CBM, for example, or even just on vibration analysis rather than focusing on the much broader area of reliability plus CBM. We want to make the communities work and therefore if the best structure is to have multiple overlapping communities and we will work with you to make that work.


    Membership will be free until the end of 2020. We anticipate establishing a small fee, which will be different in different parts of the world (being sensitive to the vastly different costs of living) that will help fund COMMUNITY CONNECT. We will seek to strike the balance between creating a barrier for people to join on the one hand, and generating so little money that it is inconsequential, on the other hand.

    There will be some activities that will require additional funding. For example, if you want to hold a meeting at a Holiday Inn and serve food. One way to handle it is to charge just for that event and even have member and non-member pricing. Another way to do it is to charge a higher membership free and use the revenue to conduct meetings.

    It will be up to the leadership of each community to make these decisions.


    We will help you every step of the way:

    • We will work with you to define your approximate geographic region.
    • We will help you establish a new site for your members, for example,
    • We will train you on how to:
    • Register new members
    • Schedule new meetings
    • Communicate with members
    • How to use all the web-based tools

    For now, please write to


    No. We will provide all the “infrastructure” to start and run the community without charge.


    We do have certain expectations of the community leader:

    • We expect the leader to seek out people working in industrial sites and recommend they join the community.
    • We expect the leader to hold at least one meeting or learning/sharing session per month. The leader does not necessarily have to attend all meetings, but they should ensure that someone will take a leadership role at those meetings. The meetings could also be conducted online, for example, a simple Q&A session or presentation by one of the members or an outside expert.
    • We insist that the community leader does not exclude anyone from joining the community unless it can be shown they will be disruptive to the meeting; this certainly includes excluding membership decisions based on race, religion, or for competitive reasons.
    • To clarify one of those points, if the leader is a vendor of Product A, then he/she may not exclude the participation of a person who sells competitive Product B. Consultants must allow other consultants to participate.
    • We insist that the community leader does not use meetings to promote their own products or services. They must be neutral at all times – unless they have specifically organized a meeting where they are to discuss their product/service/technology.

    Yes. If that is your preferred structure, then it can certainly be supported. We can provide access to the tools and “back-end” to more than one person.


    Yes. We have an execution squad on standby. It will be a swift and painless death. We can then work with new leadership.

    Jokes aside, ultimately, Mobius Institute controls the tools required to operate the COMMUNITY CONNECT group, and we will facilitate the change-over to new leadership if that is proven necessary.


    Yes. Mobius Institute will provide e-learning training that covers the basics of reliability improvement and condition monitoring, which includes maintenance practices. We are doing this so that people who are new to this field can gain a jumpstart and thus understand the recommendations provided by other community members and those who deliver presentations during meetings.

    Training material will also be provided, in a specially secured format, for community leaders and other community “experts” to deliver the same basic training. That training will not be provided in a commercial setting; i.e., it must be free and for the purposes aligned with the goals of COMMUNITY CONNECT.

    The training will not lead to certification, but it will lead to enlightenment.


    Yes. You will have access to a tool like GoToMeeting, and you will be able to conduct meetings, presentations, and anything else that would benefit the group.


    Yes. And we hope you do this frequently.

    We believe there is a tremendous opportunity to ask people within the community with expertise or experience in specific areas to deliver presentations to the rest of the group. These meetings could be conducted during the day or in the evening.  It should also be possible to involve experts from vendors, consultants, or service providers to deliver presentations.

    You can also utilize virtual presenters. You will be able to hold a meeting, and the presenter could deliver the lecture via GoToMeeting (or a similar tool), from his or her home or office, from anywhere in the world. In that way, your group can receive a world-class presentation without the travel costs and time required for that presenter to travel to your location. When performed in this way, it would be possible to have a Q&A session after the presentation as well.

    In addition, we are constantly running webinars via and, and we would recommend that communities either hold meetings to coincide with the webinars or watch the recorded webinars as a group afterward. These presentations, and other content on the two websites, are highly educational and would provide an excellent way to begin a discussion on the same subject.


    The primary idea of COMMUNITY CONNECT is to help people share their knowledge. Meetings, even virtual meetings, are one way to do that. COMMUNITY CONNECT members can also meet privately to discuss issues. But another way to share knowledge is via web-based forums where people can ask questions, and other members from the community can provide comments, advice, suggestions, or answers.

    While there are forums via LinkedIn and other platforms that provide a similar function, we recognize that many people do not feel comfortable asking questions on those global forums, and many do not feel comfortable providing responses. With the growing number of “trolls” and people who simply like to criticize, global forums are not as effective as they could be.

    However, forums that are made up of members from the local community, many of whom you will know (especially after a few meetings), provide a stress-free, safe way to ask questions and provide a response.


    That is entirely up to the community.

    For a community to be effective, it should be relatively easy for the majority of members to attend the face-to-face meetings. However, in many locations around the world, there may be concentrations of businesses within a physical area, with other industries located at a greater distance away. Those remote businesses should still be invited to participate in the community, even if it is difficult to attend many of the meetings. The more that can be done online, with virtual presentations, virtual meetings, and discussions on forums, the more the entire membership will be able to participate and benefit.

    However, if a group was set up to cover an entire (large) state, and the membership grew, one day in the future, it may be decided to split into two groups. That can be accommodated.


    We would encourage this to happen.

    We would love to see communities made up of companies who all mine minerals, or produce paper, or produce chemicals, or pharmaceuticals.

    Members may belong to two COMMUNITY CONNECT groups: one made up of people from their local community and a second group made of people who will all work in a similar industry, potentially from around the world. One forum would be general in nature, and the other forum would be specific to the unique problems faced by people in their industry.


    Yes. And Mobius Institute will help you run your conferences. Whether the conference is a one-day event or a multi-day event, we will be happy to help organize the hotels, catering, registration, exhibits space, exhibitor/sponsors, speakers, and anything else that it takes to run a successful event.

    We believe there may be opportunities to run conferences in cooperation with other groups; for example, a group in the north of the state could cooperate with the group in the south of the state to run a combined state conference.

    Ultimately, we want COMMUNITY CONNECT groups to take an active role in the Mobius Institute sponsored RELIABILITY & CBM CONNECT international training conference events. People in the local community best understand the topics that should be covered, the people who should deliver the presentations, the dignitaries who should be involved, the customs and practices, the best cities and venues, and so on.


    Yes. We will make our audit/assessment tool available that is based on the Asset Reliability Transformation process. You will be able to perform an assessment and identify strengths and weaknesses and thus identify the opportunities for improvement.


    No. Absolutely not. In fact, quite the opposite.

    As the founder of Mobius Institute, there is one thing I have learned over 35 years of experience, and I know many other people have learned the same thing – the more you learn, the more you realize that you need to keep learning.

    We want communities to help themselves, and we want to help the individuals within the community.

    However, if a time comes that community members need additional training or assistance that is beyond the means of the community, then the training companies and consulting companies will have a new opportunity.

    On the other hand, if organizations remain in the reactive maintenance cycle of doom and don’t know about the opportunities that exist via a reliability improvement and condition monitoring program, then they will never require training or consulting assistance.

MOBIUS CONNECT® Knowledge Sites, Community, and Events

You must never stop learning!

We all work in a challenging field. Training courses are a great opportunity to rapidly gain knowledge, but for the other 300 days of the year, you must be part of MOBIUS CONNECT. You can solve problems, continue learning, and share your hard-earned experience via forums, a live feed, knowledge sites, and in-person events:


Knowledge-sites and courses are great, but there is something special about attending an in-person event, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow practitioners, meeting industry experts, learning from case studies, and meeting solution-providers from around the world. You must make it part of your learning path.

Since 2016, the CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT® Live Training Conferences have been hosted in eight countries around the world – and we are redefining the traditional format with our new CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT® One Day Training Events.

Our NEW one day events offer laser focused learning that is tailored to your interests! Discover the latest technologies and approaches to success within your industry, locally, in one day!

  • For Reliability, maintenance, and CBM practitioners and leaders
  • In-Person Training Events held all over the world
  • Focused learning sessions and case studies
  • Network and build relationships with industry experts and your peers
  • Exhibition with the industry’s newest technologies and tools

We hope you can attend. We would love you to present a paper and share your knowledge and experience.

Learn More

Sponsor a CBM+RELIABILITY CONNECT® Live Training Event

In order to bring people together to continue their education in an interactive environment, we host CBM+RELIABILITY CONNECT One Day Training Events all over the world.

These local events feature focused learning sessions, real-life case studies, to the latest technologies featured in the expo, this training event provides practical learning in the important aspects of condition monitoring technologies and reliability . In addition, our events provide the space for networking with peers, industry professionals, and solution providers in one place, in one day.

Your current and future customers attend these training events.

By sponsoring an event, you will be helping people to continue their education, and you will gain additional exposure and respect for your brand and products. Booths provide an opportunity to show off your products and catch up with future and existing customers in person.

There is also the opportunity to provide educational sessions. The sessions are available regardless of whether you sponsor the conference; the only criteria are that the participants learn something they can apply when they return to their plant and there are no commercial sales-pitches.

Check out our upcoming live One Day Training Events here.

Are you interested in the opportunity to develop your business and strengthen relationships?

Fill out this brief form to connect with our team and learn more about how you can contribute to our training events.

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There is barely an industrial site on this planet that could not benefit from improved reliability. Sure, Mobius Institute™ training and the Mobius CONNECT® sites and conferences will help, but often the best approach is learning from people in your local community. Learn what works. Learn how to make improvements. See it for yourself in local plants that have made improvements. Hear from seasoned maintenance, CBM, and asset reliability practitioners and leaders who have the experience to share.

There is no doubt, we are all stronger when we work together.

That’s why we created COMMUNITY CONNECT™:

  • You can get free basic training
  • You can organize/attend meetings: presentations, onsite tours, roundtables, and chats
  • Participate in forums – just you and your local community
  • Stay connected via the website or app

And the good news? Mobius Institute stands 100% behind the community:

  • We provide all of the technical tools to make it work
  • We can organize meetings, create flyers, and organize membership
  • We can manage the finances

In other words – we do all the things you don’t want to do (and that makes 95% of “chapters” fail) so that you have the time and energy to do what you want to do.

Click below to learn more, to join a community, or to start a new community

Learn More

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We are building a community of CBM and reliability practitioners around the world who wish to improve their knowledge and competence.

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The and websites (available in English and Spanish) are filled with videos, articles, tips, and other content that help people learn. And at, we have a feed and forums that allow people to solve, learn, and share.

Your current and future customers visit these websites.

By sponsoring the websites, you will create awareness of your brands and your products. We have developed the sites so that your advertisements appear only when they are relevant: because of the country where the visitor is located and because of the content they are learning about.

The Webinar is one of the most effective tools, as long as it is filled with helpful content. Webinars get your message across and they are viewed again and again. We also have “learning paths” which are a series of lessons, taken one or two weeks apart, that educate the visitor. In both cases, you achieve the opportunity to make multiple connections with the visitor.

Please note that you are invited to create videos, articles, and podcasts that educate people about how to be successful in CBM and reliability improvement regardless of your sponsorship status. The only requirement is that they genuinely aim to help the reader and they are not commercial in nature.

Please contact to learn more about how you can contribute to CBM CONNECT and RELIABILITY CONNECT.

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