A few improvements have happened in the TMS… Please, see bellow for more details.

We have updated the option “ORDER VIDEO-BASED LEARNING” to “ORDER DISTANCE LEARNING TRAINING” to align with the update in other areas. Please, see the updated process document at Training Partner Information Center.

We have added the “ORDER GLOBAL VIRTUAL TRAINING” link, so the course can be created and then ordered via the TMS, this link has also been added to the Training Partner Information Center to ensure it can be accessed regardless of where you are working from.

You can also request the virtual platform here.

There is a new format for entering students into a course. In the next few weeks, you will find the instructions updated document at the Training Partner Information Center.

This update will ensure that the student is searched prior to entry and that duplicate email addresses can no longer be added to the TMS. This will result in a significant reduction in duplicate profiles and ensure future automations are possible with students learning located in one profile. This will also allow a full course to be entered at one time instead of going back and forth between screens, as well there is the added functionality to order (at a cost) Hard Copy Certificates and Cards for their students.

We have also changed the add course function so that once a course is created, you will go straight to the list students page for that course, this will save needing to look for a course that has just been created and should save additional steps currently being completed.