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GENUINE Mobius Institute Training meets the complete requirements of ISO 18436-2 and -3 and has much more to offer.

Genuine Mobius Training


"Our job is to make you excellent at your job."

Our mission is to make every analyst more successful through greater understanding.  

Vibration analysis is one of the most challenging but most important industrial jobs.  Mobius Institute's unique method of training helps to create analysts that are competent and confident in solving difficult machine problems with a high level of accuracy. Our students find it easier to get the measurements right the first time, make the right interpretation of the data, and then perform the necessary follow-on diagnostic tests as needed.  

Simply, the best analysts are Mobius trained. By subscribing to "Genuine Mobius Training" you will learn more, you will understand more and you will be prepared to receive your accredited certification according to ISO 18436 standards. 

What makes Genuine Mobius Training your best choice?

  • You benefit from our success; Genuine Mobius Training courses have been offered since 2005, and we have since trained more vibration analysts than any company in the world, even those companies and institutions that have been around since the 1980s.
  • You learn from the industry's most skilled trainers; Genuine Mobius Training instructors have a high level of knowledge, plant-floor experience, and are certified by Mobius to teach vibration analysis.
  • You will learn and understand more through our unique training methodology that includes more than one-thousand 3D animations/illustrations and interactive software simulations that make complex concepts easier to understand
  • We help you to become better prepared for your training course; you can familiarize yourself with course topics in the Mobius Learning Zone™ which you have access to before and after the training course, and you can also review materials during and after the course is completed
  • You efficiently learn from modern training materials; we frequently update our training content so you have the best possible learning experience
  • You get personal progress feedback throughout the course; we employ anonymous polling devices for an interactive experience in class which allows for self-assessment and real-time direction to the instructor as to which students may need additional help
  • You are taught the correct subjects with the correct emphasis as required by the ISO 18436-2 standard  for Category I through Category IV vibration analyst levels; many training organizations only loosely-follow the ISO requirements and fail to follow the hours requirements teaching each topic
  • We help you better prepare for the certification examination through many worked examples which help you you gauge the difficulty of the questions and how they should be answered
  • We provide the best possible learning experience; our post-course surveys provide us valuable student feedback, allowing us to make adjustments to benefit everyone
  • Your training is independent of product vendor perspectives, so you are taught consistently to the ISO standard and free of training that favors any vendor's product or technology
  • Genuine Mobius Training is presented in over 50 countries, in 15 languages; meaning that for multi-national companies, all analysts will have the same quality of training, knowledge and capability regardless of location

Accredited Certification through Mobius

  • Mobius Institute provides the highest level of certification, accredited to ISO 18436-1 and ISO 18436-2 and is recognized worldwide
  • Unlike most training/certification organizations, Mobius Institute Board of Certification (MIBoC) is highly respected and accredited to ISO/IEC 17024 and ISO 18436-1, we are routinely audited to ISO/IEC 17024 (through fair, unbiased, and rigorous processes) to assure quality and complete compliance with the ISO standards
  • Examination questions are created and approved by an International Technical Committee
  • Psychometric testing of grading is conducted to assure examination quality and fairness
  • Strict security procedures that reduce the risk of cheating and ensures high integrity

Where can you obtain Genuine Mobius Institute Training?

  • Mobius Institute Genuine Training is available at Mobius Institute courses held worldwide in 50 countries, through its Authorized Training & Examination Centers
  • Online Distance Learning via the web, delivered by Mobius Institute
  • Group training at your plant, provided by Mobius Institute or Mobius Institute Authorized Training Partners

Choose Genuine Mobius Institute Training

Only Genuine Mobius Institute Training provides everything you need to become the most successful student and ISO accredited certified vibration analyst. Compared to other courses, Mobius students are better trained and best prepared to sit the vibration analyst certification examination.

Contact Mobius Institute, an Authorized Mobius Institute Training Center, or visit our website learn how to you can benefit from Genuine Mobius Institute Training and to reserve your seat at one of our upcoming courses.

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