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Vibration Analysis ISO Category IV - Part 2

Course ID: 8135 - Knoxville, TN

Course Location: Knoxville, TN

Start Date: 10/26/2020

Course Duration: 5 days


***Covid-19 Statement*** Please know that the Crowne Plaza is taking every precaution to ensure your safety and well-being. We are working with them in monitoring developments around the world as they are in contact with global organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and relevant authorities for country-specific requirements, to ensure the actions they take are comprehensive and suitable. They are adhering to comprehensive health and safety procedures including all local laws. Per CDC recommendations, we ask that everyone wear a mask (hotel staff is required). We will have some masks on hand should you need one. Seating will be staggered to follow social distancing guidelines. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Category IV is a four-day review of Part 1 in a classroom environment. Quizzes will be performed during the review course in order to gauge comprehension. Students will be provided with Certificates of Completion and four (4) CEUs upon successful completion. In order to be certified the candidate must have successfully completed Part 1 online and Part 2 classroom, or provide evidence of equivalent training from an approved source, and must provide verifiable evidence of 60 months experience. The optional Category IV examination will be offered on the fifth day.

Course Cost: $ 2899

Examination fee: $ 525 (optional)

Total Cost: $ 3424

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