Web-Based Training (Distance Learning)

We have provided four basic ways for you to learn from the comfort and safety of your computer: video based training, virtual instructor-led training, virtual interactive master-class, and traditional e-learning.

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Distance learning (learning via computer or mobile device) has a number of benefits. It minimizes the risk of COVID-19 infection, removes the need for travel and all the associated hassles, costs, (and risks), provides flexibility so you can learn at your own pace, and overall, it reduces the cost of training.

And remember, whichever form of training you take, you get the famous animations and simulations and other unique Mobius benefits, summarized here. [Love learning™] The Mobius way is a better way to learn.

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Global virtual instructor-led training

Virtual online courses are similar to conventional classes, except they are conducted online via GoToWebinar. You participate from the comfort (and safety) of your office or home, and the instructor delivers the training remotely.

The training is available via our authorized partners all over the world. Therefore it is available in your timezone and in your language. The exams are also available in many languages (depending upon the certification program)

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Traditional e-Learning Courses

Mobius Institute™ actually began with an online e-learning system called iLearnVibration™ (since retired), and we have created three more since: iLearnAlignment™, iLearnBalancing™, and the mega-e-learning system, iLearnReliability™. E-learning offers true self-paced learning: listen to a slide, watch the 3D animation, interact with the simulator, and complete a quiz at the end of the session. If it all makes sense – move on. If not, repeat.

  • E-learning ensures that everyone learns the same thing in the same way.
  • E-learning can be taken many times.
  • E-learning is great for new hires: many large organizations use iLearnReliability for onboarding training.
  • E-learning is fun and engaging.
  • Tens of thousands of people have been trained with our e-learning products

iLearnReliability was created so that you can “educate everyone” – get everyone in the organization aligned, speaking the same reliability language, and all pulling in the same direction. iLearnReliability [ENTERPRISE] actually includes iLA and iLB, but you can buy them separately.

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