Training and Certification Growth Path

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We are all very fortunate. It is not everybody who gets to solve problems and improve the workplace for our coworkers and business owners. Whether you are involved with precision maintenance, condition monitoring, or improving maintenance, reliability, and performance, we all have a vitally important role to play.

But we also know that we are working in a challenging field. We must solve technical issues and we must change people’s behaviors to avoid creating future problems. When we get it right, hopefully, we gain recognition and respect. But if we get it wrong, we can attract undesirable attention.

Via our engaging training and respected certification, and the ongoing learning via Mobius CONNECT®, we are doing our best to set you up for success. Training and ongoing education builds competence and confidence. The accredited certification helps you to gain respect amongst your peers and create opportunities in your career.

We have developed a growth path, both in terms of the depth and breadth of knowledge that you can gain and in terms of your desired progression from working on “the tools,” through technical and analytical roles, to leadership roles.

And if you wish, you can share your knowledge and experience as a Mobius Institute instructor, ART® Implementation Specialist, COMMUNITY CONNECT Leader, or Mobius CONNECT contributor.

It all starts with Mobius CONNECT

MOBIUS CONNECT - A Community for CBM and Reliability ProfessionalsWe want to make it as easy as possible to get started in this field. We are in the process of establishing COMMUNITY CONNECT regional groups all over the world. Members will receive free basic Mobius Institute training and mentoring from other members. Plus, we have conferences and the RELIABILITY CONNECT® and CBM CONNECT® websites. We would invite you to participate in the communities and on the websites to continue your education and to help others begin their journeys.


  • 250+ Training partners worldwide
  • 22,000+ Students certified by Mobius Institute worldwide
  • 3,000+ Educational pieces of content on MOBIUS CONNECT®

iLearnReliability™ Knowledge-center

The iLearnReliability Knowledge-center e-learning platform provides basic awareness training all the way through to the more detailed training for the CBM or reliability practitioner. Unless everyone in the organization understands the importance of the reliability improvement initiative, understands how they can contribute to the initiative, and has the technical elements demystified, the program will not be successful. The left hand won’t understand what the right hand is doing. There will be no common “language of reliability”. The program will live in the reliability department, and sadly, it will probably die in the reliability improvement department.

iLearnReliability is used by organizations around the world as the backbone of their programs. There are “toolbox talks” for operators and technicians, “manager briefings” modules so everyone understands the business case, detailed modules for the practitioners, and modules for the reliability and maintenance personnel so they can successfully run the program. You can learn more here.


While the RELIABILITY CONNECT and CBM CONNECT websites provide a wealth of knowledge, there is nothing like a concentrated, focused training course on a subject that will help you master a skill.

Mobius Institute has developed a range of training courses that are delivered around the world via our qualified training partners. No matter where you are, you will receive the same high standard of training. But of course, you can learn your preferred way via public courses, on-site courses, and via distance learning web-based courses.

Precision maintenance skills development

We offer training on shaft alignment and balancing, both of which are essential to set up a rotating machine for success.

Condition monitoring (per ISO 18436)

Being able to see the future so you can avoid costly downtime and expensive breakdowns is essential to plant performance. We offer training on vibration analysis, ultrasound, infrared thermography, and oil analysis/lubrication. The training follows the ISO 18436 standards and is accredited to ISO/IEC 17024.

Reliability improvement and the Asset Reliability Practitioners® program

To build an effective reliability and performance improvement program we have established the Asset Reliability Practitioner training and certification program. The training content follows international reliability (and dependability) standards, and the certification program is accredited to ISO/IEC 17024.

We offer an introductory course that provides an excellent overview for the Reliability Advocate [ARP-A], a detailed course on the technical subjects for the Reliability Engineer [ARP-E], and an equally detailed course on program implementation and leadership for the Reliability Program Leader [ARP-L].

We also offer moderately detailed training that does not lead to certification on some of the essential components of a reliability initiative: planning and scheduling, spares and materials management, asset strategy development (RCM, PMO, and FMECA), condition monitoring implementation, reliability data analysis, the economics of reliability, and reliability culture change.