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Engaging, understandable training

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How Mobius Institute delivers training and certification to help with your personal growth path

Engaging, understandable training

For some training organizations, courses are simply a means to an end – achieving certification and gaining knowledge and competence.

But not at Mobius Institute™.

We are passionate about education. We have invested heavily in animations, interactive simulations, and detailed graphics to ensure that you enjoy the learning process and understand everything covered on the course. Rather than being forced to simply remember a series of facts, you will understand the concepts. Solving problems is so much easier when you understand.

  • Simulations

    In many of the courses we teach, the concepts can traditionally be difficult to understand. We have developed literally hundreds of interactive simulations that bring complex topics to life. We make it engaging, and we make it understandable.

  • Animations

    Our world is filled with rotating machinery, electrical equipment, and other potentially complex items. We need to understand how they work, and how they fail. And when it comes to the measurement instrumentation, we need to understand how they function, and what all the settings are for. The simulations help, and the 3D animations remove any guesswork.


    It’s your choice. You can learn the old-fashioned way and listen to an instructor try to explain a complex topic, or you can learn the Mobius way and watch a simulation or 3D animation that makes it crystal clear within moments.

  • Pre-and post-course videos

    As much as we work hard to make our training courses easy to understand, most of us have a limited capacity to learn everything we need to understand within the few days of a training course. For that reason, we provide videos of the training modules that you can access before the course, and for a limited time, after the course. You will learn so much more if you take the time to watch these videos.

  • Student polling

    We have a motto; “no student is left behind”. While we work very hard to ensure everyone understands the content of the course, we utilize handheld polling devices that anonymously gauge how much everyone understands during the course. We teach a module then poll the student on that module. If everyone understands and scores 100%, great, we can move on. If not, we reinforce the knowledge until everyone understands. But don’t worry, only you and the instructor know whether you got all the answers correct. And if you didn’t answer correctly, talk to the instructor; he or she can work with you to fill the gaps in your knowledge.

Never Stop Learning

Our field sure is challenging. There is so much to learn. Our courses do their best, but no one can remember everything.

To stay on top of your field, you must keep learning at community events, Reliability Jumpstart™ one-day (free) workshops (not everywhere in the world), online knowledge sites ( and, our Asset Reliability Knowledge-center [ARK] learning management system, and live conferences.

And if you are already knowledgeable and experienced, we want to make it easy to share with those who are still on the learning curve. Would you like to lead a community, write an article, or present a case study? Your fellow condition monitoring and reliability practitioners would love to hear from you. The sky is the limit and it feels great to educate.