Precision Shaft Alignment 2-Day Course

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This item: Precision Shaft Alignment 2-Day Course
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Machines that have been precision aligned run longer, use less energy and cost less to operate. Vibration caused by misalignment greatly reduces the life of bearings, seals, shafts and couplings. This 2-day hands-on training course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to use a dial indicator tool or laser alignment system to precisely align two components. You will learn how to recognize misalignment and successfully set up the alignment job, perform the alignment and move the machine.
After reviewing the important reasons for performing shaft alignment, we will discuss the pre-alignment checks and corrections, including how to identify and correct soft foot. We start with the operation of dial indicators, and cover the rim-­face and reverse-dial methods. Importantly, we explain and demonstrate the process, and will teach you how the calculations must be performed.
Laser alignment systems have greatly improved the ease of precision alignment; we will discuss the benefits, basic theory of operation, and tips and techniques for successful use. Finally we discuss how to move the machine and deal with all the problems that you are bound to encounter at some stage. We will also review how to deal with thermal growth and how to approach a larger machine train.

If you align machines, you need this course. If you have a modern laser alignment system you have two choices: you can just set up the lasers, enter the dimensions, take the readings and do what the equipment tells you to do or you can understand what you are doing, anticipate problems and complete any alignment job successfully. We will ensure you understand the entire process, and give you the skills to perform precision alignment. We can’t explain the operation of every model of laser alignmcnt system because of the fast evolution of products, but we will provide you with the knowledge so that you will be successful with whatever model you own. While our training covers all of the essential procedures and is filled with valuable tips and tricks, one of the greatest benefits is that our training will help you understand misalignment. We have developed over 5O 3D animations that demonstrate procedures, explain how things work, and clarify confusing concepts.

Students will be provided with two (2) CEUs and Certificate of Completion.