Asset Reliability Transformation Hardcover 3 Book Bundle

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Book 1: The Ten Phases of Asset Reliability Transformation: A step-by-step guide to delivering a culture-driven reliability and performance improvement initiative

Achieving asset reliability and peak performance is challenging, and you may only get one shot. ART provides detailed guidance on how to build a business case, transform the culture, and make the necessary technical changes. We have defined 64 major steps with 365 recommended practices across ten phases.

Whether you are reviving an existing initiative or embarking on a new transformation, the ART process will enable you to assess your current state and build toward the plant that you, your fellow employees, and the executives desire.

This book provides a self-guided roadmap to reliability, detailing all the phases and steps. This is the place you must start. Other books in this series explain the recommended practices in detail.

Book 2: Breaking Out of the Reactive Maintenance Cycle of Doom: The CONTROL Phase of the Asset Reliability Transformation

This book explains 78 recommended practices, in 12 major areas, that will let you regain control of maintenance one small step at a time. It is not about “what” or “why” – you will learn “how” and “when” to make changes.

You will put the fundamentals in place to reduce future failures, see future problems coming, and deal with all maintenance activities in a smooth, consistent, and disciplined manner.

If your goal is to follow the Asset Reliability Transformation (ART) process, then reactive maintenance will present a major roadblock that you must overcome. The CONTROL phase will give you the confidence, credibility, and freedom to launch from good to great.

Book 3: Launching your Asset Reliability Transformation: Assessing your current state, developing the business case, and gaining senior executive support

This book explains how to build a solid business case and win senior management support. It lays the foundation for a successful and sustained program: ensuring the needs and risks of the business are clearly understood, assessing the current state, identifying the gaps, establishing targets and priorities, jumpstarting with pilot projects, and building the economic justification.

Appendices explain the economics of reliability (ROI, NPV, IRR, EVA, and more), the value of reliability (OEE, TEEP, safety, and more), Pareto analysis, asset criticality ranking, and selling to senior management.

This book does not just tell you what you should do; it lays out a step-by-step guide for exactly how to do it successfully with eight core steps and 44 detailed recommended practices.






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