News September 22, 2014

Mobius meets with ISO committee members in Paris, France

In September Jason Tranter, Founder and Managing Director of Mobius Institute, traveled to Paris to participate in the meeting of the ISO committee which governs the ISO 18436 group of standards.

The ISO committee is known as Working Group 7 of TC108, the Technical Committee responsible for Mechanical vibration, shock and condition monitoring, SC 5, Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machine systems. It is comprised of members from various different countries and organisations, including the Vibration Institute in the US and the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing in the UK, along with numerous members from industry organisations.

The group discussed changes and updates to the standards to ensure they continue to be relevant to all stakeholders.

The committee considered the development of a standard that would recommend settings used to test various kinds of machines. The aim is to develop test settings for various kinds of condition monitoring techniques (for example, where oil samples should be collected on gearboxes) but the most challenging will be the settings for portable vibration data collectors: Fmax, resolution, number of averages, window type, bearing location(s), and axis/axes.

Jason Tranter is a member of the ISO Committee Working Group 7 of TC108

Jason Tranter is a member of the ISO Working Group 7 of TC108.


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Published Date: 9/22/2014