News March 15, 2016

Mobius’ Jason Tranter Participates in ISO/TC 108 Technical Subcommittee

Jason Tranter, founder of Mobius Institute is a member of the ISO/TC 108/SC 5 – Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics of Machine Systems working group and will be participating in the upcoming standardization meeting in Sidney, Australia.

The scope of ISO/TC 108/SC 5’s meeting includes standardization of the procedures, processes, and equipment requirements uniquely related to the technical activity of condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines systems in which selected physical parameters associated with an operating machine system are periodically or continuously sensed, measured and recorded for the interim purpose of reducing, analyzing, comparing and displaying the data and information so obtained and for the ultimate purpose of using this interim result to support decisions related to the operation and maintenance of the machine system.

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Published Date: 3/15/2016