News March 31, 2015

Mobius Institute Vibration Analysis Training Surpasses 15,000 Students

Mobius Institute Has Trained More Than 15,000 Vibration Analysts from 150 Countries Since Its ISO 18436 Category I – IV Classroom Training and Certification Commenced in 2005.

Mobius Institute today announced that it has reached another significant milestone, having trained more than 15,000 vibration analysts since it began classroom vibration analysis courses in 2005. Mobius Institute delivers accredited vibration analysis training and certification through training centers in over 50 countries.

The 15,000 student achievement only considers ISO 18436 Category I-IV vibration analyst classroom training. It does not include the thousands of students trained in field balancing, shaft alignment, and condition monitoring courses or individuals trained through Mobius iLearn™ computer-based training products.

Mobius Institute began delivering vibration analysis training in 1999 with the launch of its flagship computer-based training product; iLearnVibration™. Since that time, Mobius has expanded its iLearn product line to include teachings of reliability improvement, precision maintenance, and other condition monitoring topics. In 2005, Mobius moved its high-quality training to the classroom by offering ISO 18436 Category I-III vibration analyst training courses in Australia and the United States. At the same time, its courses were rolled out, Mobius developed and deployed an Internet-based Training Management System (TMS) allowing delivery of its intellectual property through global training partners. In 2012, Mobius Institute became an ISO/IEC 17024 accredited certification body able to provide ISO Category I-IV certifications throughout its training partner network. The TMS allows the central management of student records, examinations, and certifications in accordance with ISO 18436 standards.

A key element of Mobius Institutes’ success is the delivery of its Crystal Clear™ training methodology that allows complex concepts to be more easily understood. Proven and refined since 2005, Crystal Clear training provides students with a higher level of understanding of vibration analysis through its extensive use of hundreds of highly visual 3D animations, Adobe® Flash® technology simulations, and numerous software simulators to captivate the student’s mind. Crystal Clear assures that students don’t simply depend on memorizing vibration theory, but clearly understand it.

“We are proud of the fact that we have been able to help over 15,000 analysts around the world master the important field of vibration analysis,” said Jason Tranter, founder, and managing director, Mobius Institute. “We know it can be a complex topic, but with some hard work by the Mobius team, it is gratifying to see how our training techniques have made such a difference.”

Mobius Institute vibration analysis training and certification

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Published Date: 3/31/2015