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Mobius Institute Receives Top Two Awards in the 26th Annual Plant Engineering Product of the Year Competition

Mobius Institute receives Plant Engineering’s 26th Annual Product of the Year 2013 Grand Award and Gold Award in recognition of its newest products introduced in 2013.

Seattle, WA – April 3, 2014 – Mobius Institute, a global provider of industrial plant reliability, machine condition monitoring and precision maintenance training and certification, today announced that its two newest products; iLearnReliability™ and Mobius iVibe™ were awarded the highest recognition in the 26th Annual Plant Engineering Product of the Year competition. iLearnReliability received the Gold Award in the category of “Productivity & Training” and Mobius iVibe received the Grand Award over all products categories.

The winners of the Product of the Year competition were recognized at the Plant Engineering awards dinner in Chicago on March 31. The awards provide the highest recognition of innovation for newly introduced, manufacturing products in 16 categories. The winners were selected by a vote in December 2013 by the Plant Engineering readership from a list of finalists provided by the Plant Engineering editorial staff. Some of the best-known industrial companies were finalists in this year’s competition; including Eaton, Atlas Copco, Rockwell, Fluke, Siemens, GE, Schneider, Exair, SKF, Toyota Industrial, Invensys, Honeywell and others.

Mobius’ iLearnReliability product is asset reliability improvement online training for industrial plants that broadly targets everyone from top management to plant floor O&M workers. The training modules range from management briefings and “toolbox talks” to very detailed training in reliability program management and condition monitoring and precision maintenance skills. iLearnReliability’s broad, subscription-based delivery is unique in the industry and is well suited for effective enterprise-wide and plant-wide deployments.
The Mobius iVibe product is an extensive vibration analysis mobile application that assists machine analysts in identifying machine faults from various perspectives. It can help diagnose most common machine fault conditions as well as obscure conditions such as cavitation, rubbing, eccentric rotating assemblies, resonance, soft foot, improperly installed bearings, and drive belt issues.

The Mobius iVibe is the first mobile application ever to receive a Product of the Year Grand Award,” said Plant Engineering content manager Bob Vavra. “This is one indication of how access to plant floor information is changing and evolving, but it’s also a good example of how to make critical data available to all workers in a manufacturing environment.”

The Grand and Gold Award recognition within this field of respected companies demonstrates the great quality and value the industrial marketplace associates with our training products,” said Jason Tranter, founder, and managing director, Mobius Institute. “We are honored to receive this recognition provided by Plant Engineering and the Product of the Year competition.

Plant Engineering product of the year awarded to Mobius Institute

Bill Slonaker receives Mobius Institute’s Grand Award for Plant Engineering’s 26th Annual Product of the Year competition.


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Published Date: 4/3/2014