News April 19, 2017

Mobius Institute Launches Expert Analyst Course for Experienced Vibration Analysts

Mobius Institute introduces its new Time Waveform Analysis course packaged in progressive learning and energized lab environment that advances experienced vibration analyst’s capabilities.

Mobius Institute today announced the introduction of its newest training product intended for ISO 18436 Category II and III vibration analysts; Time Waveform (TW) Expert Analysis course. The TW Expert Analysis course is delivered in a unique learning environment that advances the analyst’s capabilities through improved understanding and lab experiences to develop an otherwise underutilized skill, important to become an expert vibration analyst.

The TW Expert Analysis course is delivered in a combined learning and lab environment. Forty percent of the course is delivered in a lecture format, where Mobius’ vibration experts use highly animated instructional modules that cover a variety of subjects ranging from the underlying principles to TW testing setup to analysis of the data. Additionally, Mobius simulators are used to make complex concepts more understandable through active visual association. The remaining portion of the course is made up of highly-energized lab exercises where teams compete with one another to solve real machine problems using actual data from machines with documented faults, most efficiently. This learning format has been used by Mobius Institute in conference workshops throughout the world, and has been proven to be very effective and highly regarded by attendees.

“Time waveform analysis is a powerful capability needed to become an expert vibration analyst but too often this skill is underutilized, limiting those from realizing their full potential,” says Jason Tranter, founder, and CEO, Mobius Institute. “We have found that our unique implementation of the competitive, hands-on team exercises has proven to be very popular and effective.”

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Published Date: 4/19/2017