News November 17, 2022

Mobius Institute Launches Infrared Thermography IRTCAT-I Training and Certification Course Worldwide

Mobius Institute is proud to announce the launch of a NEW Mobius Institute Training and Certification Infrared Thermography Category I. With the assistance of the Mobius Institute interactive simulations, 3D animations, and a wealth of case studies, you will not require a great memory to learn all the facts and concepts.

As a result, you will understand the ‘science’ of infrared thermography. You will understand how the camera functions and learn about plant equipment’s mechanical and electrical failure modes so that you can accurately and confidently detect and diagnose a wide range of fault conditions. You will come away from the course with the knowledge and confidence to be successful as an infrared thermographer.

Once you complete the training you will be eligible to take the exam to become certified by the internationally renowned Mobius Institute Board of Certification [MIBoC] to ISO 18436-7 Category I. To be certified, you will need to achieve a minimum score of 75% of the 50 questions and complete the Ishihara color perception test. The MIBoC certification is one of the only international programs accredited to ISO/IEC 17024 – there is no higher standard in condition monitoring certification.

The Infrared Thermography CAT-I training and certification course is available in multiple formats.

  • PUBLIC: You can take the public, instructor-led course with other people like you. You can find a public course here.
  • VIRTUAL: You take the course from the comfort and safety of your computer, with an instructor guiding you through the course. You can find a virtual course here.
  • ON-SITE: You can invite the instructor to your site and save yourself the cost, hassle, and risk. You can find partners who can deliver the course here.
  • DISTANCE LEARNING: You can have the ultimate in safety and flexibility by watching a video of the course. You can watch it multiple times! You can place your order here.

Learn more about the Infrared Thermography IRTCAT-I training and certification program.

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