News March 7, 2019

Mobius Institute Launches Asset Reliability Practitioner (ARP) CAT-I Certification Course as Distance Learning.

Mobius Institute today announced that its Asset Reliability Practitioner (ARP) Category I course is now available worldwide through online learning. Upon completing the online learning course, students become eligible to take the ARP Category I online examination. ARP students who successfully pass the online examination will be awarded a certificate by ISO/IEC 17024 accredited Mobius Institute Board of Certification.

Mobius Institute and its worldwide training centers have provided Asset Reliability Practitioner Category I (Reliability Advocate) and Category II (Reliability Engineer) certification courses in the classroom and at CBM Conference events since early in 2018. Category III (Reliability Program Leader) certification courses will become available in 2019. The new online learning format is the first that allows professionals in remote locations and those who are not able to travel to a public course, an opportunity to become trained and certified in asset reliability by an accredited training institution.

Mobius Institute has trained over 30,000 industry professionals from 181 countries since 2005. Mobius Institute is headquartered near Melbourne, Australia, and manages more than 100 training centers in 55 countries.

“We pride ourselves in bringing the best quality learning experience to everyone we serve“, said Jason Tranter, founder, and CEO of Mobius Institute. “And like our vibration analysis students, reliability professionals can now enjoy the convenience of our online learning and to become certified even if they are unable to travel to a public course venue.”

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Published Date: 3/7/2019