News June 6, 2013

Mobius Institute Expands Its Training Offerings with the Launch of iLearnReliability™

Mobius Institute expands its training offerings with the introduction of iLearnReliability for maintenance and reliability professionals enabling industrial plants to implement commonsense and sustainable reliability improvement programs.

Mobius announces the expansion of its offerings with the release of iLearnReliability™ web-based training series to help industrial plants establish sustainable reliability improvement programs. Mobius Institute markets its unique approach as Plant Empowered Reliability Improvement™ (PERI). PERI implements a plant-wide awareness and skills training strategy targeted at upper management, engineering managers, maintenance and condition monitoring technicians, and plant operators.

Mobius Institute teaches that reliability improvement is achievable and sustainable through increased awareness of reliability improvement techniques and best-practice amongst plant management and operators, proper guidance and training for reliability program managers, and comprehensive skills training in condition monitoring and precision maintenance technologies. With this foundation of knowledge, tools, and guidance provided by Mobius Institute’s iLearnReliability, plants become empowered to change from continuously reacting to premature machine failure to having a more reliable plant with fewer repairs and a less-stressed environment.

iLearnReliability has four distinct series of training modules: “Manager Briefings” for upper management, “Management Training” for reliability and engineering managers, “Skills Training” for condition monitoring technicians and mechanics, and “Toolbox Talks” for plant floor operators and craftspeople.

Our solution is ideal for the organization that desires a more reliable plant, with less downtime, improved safety, and greater job satisfaction, but does not have the means to make the transition, “ said Jason Tranter, founder, and managing director, Mobius Institute. “Our roadmap to reliability and training creates awareness, buy-in, and develops the skills needed to achieve sustainable reliability improvement.

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Published Date: 6/6/2013