News February 27, 2017

Mobius Institute Announces the 2017 International Machine Vibration Analysis Conference (IMVAC) Australia will be held in Gold Coast

Mobius Institute today announced the Australian 2017 International Machine Vibration Analysis Conference (IMVAC) will be held in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia on Sept. 5 – 7, 2017 at the Novotel Surfers Paradise.  IMVAC is a professional development conference serving vibration analysts, condition monitoring technicians, condition monitoring managers and reliability engineers who want to improve their knowledge about vibration analysis and complementary technologies. It is an annual conference held in four locations worldwide; the USA, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. IMVAC provides learning opportunities where topics range from basic to advanced vibration analysis, introduction of new technologies, condition monitoring management, and interesting case studies. It also includes an exposition that will feature 14 leading vendors of vibration analysis and complementary technologies.

Vibration analysis continues to be the largest and most important segment of the industrial machine condition monitoring and plant reliability market. Properly implemented vibration analysis programs allow industrial plants to identify machine faults and wear months in advance of failure, allowing pre-emptive repairs to be made by plant maintenance personnel. Additionally, vibration analysis is a key component to any plant reliability improvement program, providing insight into a machine’s life cycle and root causes of failure.

“Vibration analysts and condition monitoring practitioners require unique knowledge and skills to solve problems that could result in injury and downtime,” said Jason Tranter, founder, and CEO, Mobius Institute. “We have developed IMVAC as a place to continue their education and share tips and war stories with their fellow practitioners.”

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Published Date: 2/27/2017