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OTHER Non-Certification May 2024 Karachi

Course ID: 44317 - Karachi
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MRT Academy
Zaheer Abbas Khan Jiskani
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MRT Academy
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2024-05-08 (1.0 days)
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RELIABILITY ENGINEERING ANALYTICS Topics covered: The importance of data, failure rate, MTBF, data distribution, Weibull analysis, Reliability Block Diagrams, making business decisions using reliability data. While there is an almost endless number of practical improvements that can be made in order to improve reliability, a data-driven approach will help to ensure that opportunities for improvement can be revealed, justified, and defended. This course takes a practical approach to a theoretical subject. This is not the best course if you are interested in product quality or if you wish to use this course so that you may immediately utilize advanced analysis software. This course will provide a reliability engineering or senior condition monitoring specialist an excellent introduction to the subject. You will then be in the best position to decide if it is an area that you should invest in for your plant.

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