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PM ALIGN Nov 2024 Karachi

Course ID: 44316 - Karachi
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MRT Academy
Zaheer Abbas Khan Jiskani
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MRT Academy
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2024-11-05 (2.0 days)
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Precision alignment: Advance Course Precision alignment is one of the primary tools for maximizing the reliability of rotating machinery. Just the smallest amount of angle or offset between two shafts will result in excess load on the bearings, seals, shaft, and coupling. In addition, the vibration generated can result in accelerated failure of other machine components and the supporting structure. It has also been demonstrated that misaligned machines consume more energy. Along with shaft alignment, eliminating soft foot also has a significant influence on the reliability of rotating machinery. Bent feet, poor bases and foundations, pipe and conduit strain, poor shimming and fastening practices, and other factors can affect the performance of equipment. The bottom line: it is essential that you precision align your rotating machinery and eliminate soft foot.

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