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VA VCAT III Sep 2024 Lahore

Course ID: 43543 - Lahore
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Imran Abbas
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2024-09-23 (5.0 days)
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About this Course

This course is intended for the vibration analyst who will: • You have a minimum of three years of experience • Have a senior role in the condition monitoring team • Have others report to them to verify diagnoses • Be responsible for the most complex fault conditions (with the possible exception of sleeve bearing, flexible rotor machines) • Need to perform complex tests to validate fault conditions (e.g. resonance) and find a solution • You want to be a leader of the vibration team or take a leading role in diagnosing faults and making repair recommendations • You want to understand all data collector options, special test capabilities, all analysis tools and understand the widest range of fault conditions • You are seeking to become certified to international standards (ISO-18436) by an accredited certification body • You want to understand all condition monitoring technologies, how and when to apply them • You want to understand machine dynamics (natural frequencies, resonance, ODS), how to perform resonance testing and how to correct resonance problems • Use the training and certification as the next step in a rewarding career as a vibration analyst There is a great deal to learn, but it will help you to perform your role with confidence. The topics covered in this course include: • Review of condition monitoring technologies and the ISO standards • Signal processing and data acquisition • Time waveform analysis • Phase analysis • Dynamics (natural frequencies and resonance) • Testing for natural frequencies • Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis • Modal analysis and intro to FEA • Correcting resonances • Rolling element bearing fault detection • Journal bearing fault detection • Electric motor testing • Pumps, fans, and compressors • Gearbox fault detection • Corrective action • Running a successful condition monitoring program • Acceptance testing • Review of ISO standards The key is that on the VCAT-III course you will transition from being a vibration analyst who should be supervised, to a person who is capable of running the program, being a senior consultant, solving difficult problems, and taking a leadership role. FREE DEMO: See a preview of the VCAT-III course. Included is segments from our instructional videos and a chapter from our comprehensive VCAT-III manual. You can access the training demo with your student credentials or create a new account using this link – VCAT-III Course Demonstration Link.

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