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VA VCAT III Feb 2024 Kandana

Course ID: 43144 - Kandana
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SkyTek Holdings
Kotya Naik
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2024-02-26 (6.0 days)
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About this Course

This Senior Vibration Analysis course is intended for people who are confident with spectrum analysis, but who wish to push on and learn more about signal processing; time waveform and phase analysis; cross channel testing; machine dynamics; fault correction; and more. The key is that with the VCAT-III course, you will transition from being a vibration analyst who should be supervised to a person who is capable of running the program, being a senior consultant, solving difficult problems, and taking a leadership role. If you wish to truly advance in vibration analysis and be able to run a successful condition monitoring team, then you are ready for this course.

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  • Course Contact Name: Asanka Anthony
  • Course Contact Phone: +94 766 909 509
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