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Infrared Thermography Category I : Edmonton, AB : October 24-27, 2023

Course ID: 35201 - Edmonton,AB
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Mobius Institute North America
TBD - To be determined
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2023-10-24 (4.0 days)
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About this Course

This is a four-day course, typically running from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The exam will be held on the fourth day; however, it is possible to take the exam on-line from your place of work if suitable arrangements are made with MIBoC. This course will prepare you for life as an infrared thermographer. You will learn the fundamentals of infrared energy and the camera, and you will learn about the most common applications. With the assistance of the Mobius Institute interactive simulations, 3D animations, and a wealth of case studies, you will not be required to have a great memory to learn all of the facts and concepts, instead you will understand the ‘science’ of infrared thermography, you will understand how the camera functions (and thus how to collect good data the first time), and you will learn about the mechanical and electrical failure modes of plant equipment so that you can accurately and confidently detect and diagnose a wide range of fault conditions. Throughout the course you will participate in practical exercises so you may put what you have just learned into practice. You will come away from the course with the knowledge and confidence to be successful as an infrared thermographer. To prepare for the course you may visit the “Learning Zone” where you can watch videos of the course. If you are serious about mastering this important field and passing the exam you should take this opportunity – you will have better questions for the instructor, and your depth of knowledge will be far greater after you have heard it for the second time during the course. You can continue to access the Learning Zone for 4 months after the course – or purchase the Life Long Learning option and you can access the videos forever! Once you complete the training you will be eligible to take the exam to become certified by the internationally renowned Mobius Institute Board of Certification [MIBoC] to ISO 18436-7 Category I. To be certified, you will need to achieve a minimum score of 70% of the 50 questions, and you must verify that you have 12 months of field experience and pass an Ishihara colour perception test to meet the certification requirements. The MIBoC certification is one of the only international programs accredited to ISO/IEC 17024 – there is no higher standard in condition monitoring certification.

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  • Course Contact Name: Mackenzie Bledsaw
  • Course Contact Phone: 1-239-600-6830
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