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Ultrasound UCAT I: Knoxville, TN: August 29-September 1, 2023

Course ID: 33215 - Knoxville, TN
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Training Center:
Mobius Institute North America
Dave Sirmans
Course Location:
Knoxville, TN
Course Venue:
Crowne Plaza Downtown - 401 W. Summit Hill Dr. Knoxville, TN 37902 - (865) 522-2600
Course Date:
2023-08-29 (4.0 days)
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About this Course

This is a four-day course Tuesday – Thursday 8:00am – 5:00pm and Friday is 8:00 – 12:00pm for review and immediately after lunch will be the optional certification exam. Ultrasound personnel certified to Category I will have a good understanding of the fundamentals of ultrasound. They can apply a specific ultrasound measurement technique, set up and operate ultrasound equipment for safe data collection, and verify the integrity of collected data. They are also able to perform basic fault detection, severity assessment and diagnosis in accordance with established procedures. Additionally, they can maintain a database of results and trends, verify the sensitivity of measurement instruments, evaluate test results and prevent or control factors that results in the acquisition of poor quality data. Certification examination will be offered at the end of the fourth day. It is 60 questions that you are allowed 2 hours to complete. Students will be provided with four (4) CEUs and Certificates of Completion. *********Please Note********** It is advised that all candidates utilizing instrumentation with headphones should be given hearing examinations to ensure natural or corrected hearing acuity exists in at least one ear. This examination should be administered upon initial certification and upon recertification. The examination shall be administered by a licensed professional and a record of the test made available to the assessment body using the following document: Candidates who do not provide a record of passing the hearing test will receive conditional certification under which it becomes the responsibility of their employer to assess the candidate’s hearing acuity and their suitability to perform ultrasound data collection and/or analysis. This condition of certification will be noted on the candidate ’s certificate as well as MIBoC’s website list of certified analysts.

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