ARP-A® Reliability Advocate

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Everyone must start somewhere. Whether you are new to reliability improvement and need a way to get up to speed, or if you wish to understand the complete holistic view of reliability and performance improvement because you are considering beginning a program, the ARP-A “Reliability Advocate” course is the perfect place to start.

Quick facts:

  • Gain a business overview of the benefits of reliability improvement
  • Understand the need for culture change and to educate everyone
  • Understand the strategy to implement a successful program
  • Gain a technical overview of the required precision maintenance practices and condition monitoring
  • Understand what it will take to develop the asset strategy (maintenance plan)
  • 3-day live course, also available in video format, and can be delivered at your site
  • Accredited certification to ISO/IEC 17024

Note: Modified versions of this course are available for different audiences: different durations and different levels of detail

Note: Originally this course was known as ARP Category I

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