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If a certification candidate cannot attend one of the worldwide certification centers, the exam can be taken at the place of work

Certification Invigilation


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Quick facts

If a certification candidate cannot attend one of the worldwide certification centers, the exam can be taken at the place of work as long as it is invigilated (conducted) by an appropriate person.

Detailed description

The person who invigilates the exam must monitor the candidate during the exam, and ensure that the MIBoC procedures are followed exactly.

To maintain the security and integrity of the exam, it is a requirement that the exam process be video recorded. Detailed instructions for this will be sent to both the candidate and invigilator when the application has been approved.

The process works like this:

  • The Invigilated Exam Application form can be downloaded here. Once completed by both the candidate and the invigilator, it should be sent to the MIBoC Certification Manager at
  • An entry is made in our Training Management System for the applicant.
  • The applicant is assigned an ID number and an e-mail is sent to the applicant requesting that they log on to our Web-based system to register their details.
  • The applicant must then complete the registration before the exam can be taken. During the registration process they must provide full contact details, enter their name as it should appear on the certificate (should they pass), provide complete details of their previous education and training, and provide complete details of their work experience. They must also upload an up-to-date image of themselves for the photo-ID card.
  • Each exam that is generated is issued a unique ID number. This ID number is attached via a coded label to every exam document, the envelope holding the contents, and the envelope that will be used to hold the final written exam.
  • The applicant is assigned one of the exams, and the ID is recorded against his or her name. The exam will be shipped to the invigilator.
  • Detailed instructions on how the exam should be conducted, together with instructions on how the exam process should be video recorded, will be e-mailed to both the candidate and the invigilator.
  • When the applicant takes the exam they must sign a declaration that states that all of the information provided is accurate and true. They are also declaring that the exam was sealed when it was given to them by the invigilator.
  • The applicant is then allowed to begin the exam whilst being video recorded and supervised by the invigilator. The invigilator will ensure that the applicant completes the exam within the time allowed (to ensure that no external assistance or reference material is used).
  • At the end of the exam, all exam documents are inserted into the envelope, it is sealed, and the applicant signs across the seal. The envelope is given to the invigilator. The video file is uploaded to the MIBoC website as per the video instructions.
  • The envelope is then sent back to MIBoC headquarters where the answers provided are compared to the answers for that exam. The answers given to each question are recorded so that we can check for "outlier" questions: questions that are consistently answered correctly (too easy) or answered incorrectly (too hard or confusing). 
  • The exam results are e-mailed to the applicant. In most cases this occurs within 10-14 days of the exam being received by MIBoC. 
  • If the candidate meets all of the certification requirements, the certificate is then prepared and sent to the applicant. The applicant’s name will also appear on the website list of certified analysts.
  • In the event that a candidate is unsuccessful in passing the certification examination, he/she can apply to re-sit the exam twice. A candidate who fails three consecutive attempts will be excluded from further examinations for a period of 12 months.


This process follows the ISO standard 17024 and 18436-1.  Please contact MIBoC's Certification Manager at if you have any questions.