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Renewals & Documentation


Renewing Your Certification

Per ISO 18436-1, condition monitoring professional certification is valid for a period of 5 years. You are able to renew your certification if you can provide verifiable evidence of continued satisfactory work activity in the field of vibration analysis without significant interruption. Upon your renewal we will send you a new Certificate showing your new expiry date and your name will be listed on the Mobius Institute website list of certified analysts for a further 5 years.

To renew your certification, please complete the Renewal Application and the Certified Analyst Code of Ethics Agreement. The forms must be sent to Roberta Clark, Certification Manager, Mobius Institute. The fee for certification renewal is US $250. We can accept credit card, PayPal or bank wire transfer as per the details on the application form.

If you are a current MIBoC certified professional, you may want to consider certification at a higher category as an alternative to renewal. Your new certification is valid for five years. If you choose not to renew, your certification will become invalid on the expiry date and your name will be removed from the Mobius Institute website list of certified analysts.

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Download Certified Analyst Code of Ethics Agreement Form

Download Renewal Application Form


Please download and complete the forms above. Email the completed forms as attachments to Roberta Clark, Mobius Institute Certification Manager at

You may purchase your certification renewal from our online store. Click here to go to our storefront, and find your respective ISO Category level and select "Certification Renewal...".

MIBoC Policy Documents & Forms

The following is a list of documents which form part of this scheme and which are in the public domain.

Documents relating to the MIBoC Certification Scheme:

ED002 - General Requirements for MIBoC Scheme
ED003 - Specific Vibration Analysis Requirements for MIBoC Scheme
ED024 - Charter for MIBoC Technical Committee
ED025 - Charter for MIBoC Scheme Committee
ED026 - Procedure for Maintenance of the MIBoC Scheme
ED032 - MIBoC Policy to safeguard independence & impartiality
ED128 - MIBoC Privacy Policy

If you wish to become certified:

ED004 - Certification Application (pdf)
ED004 - Certification Application (Word)
ED007 - Procedure for Complaints & Appeals
ED009 - List of MIBoC Approved Training Courses
ED010 - Application form for Complaint or Appeal 
ED017 - List of MIBoC Approved Certifications 
ED033 - Procedure for the Accommodation of Special Needs
ED034 - Code of Ethics for Certified Analysts 
ED041 - Application form for the recognition of training course which is not on the list of Approved Training Courses (ED009)
ED042 - Application form for the recognition of certification which is not on the list of Approved Certifications (ED017)
ED043 - Application for invigilation of examination outside an AEC 
ED044 - Instructions for the Invigilation of non-AEC examinations:
        CAT I
        CAT II
        CAT III
ED141 - Examination Video Instruction:
        Online Examination
        Paper Examination 

When you are certified:

ED028 - Procedure outlining the approved use and penalties for misuse of the MIBoC Certified Vibration Analyst Logo
ED029 - Procedure outlining the approved use and penalties for misuse of the MIBoC Certificate/Wallet Card 
ED034 - Code of Ethics for Certified Vibration Analysts 
ED035 - Process for the Surveillance of a Certified Vibration Analyst
ED036 - Process for Certification Renewal and Re-certification 
ED037 - Rules & Guidelines on how the MIBoC & associated logos may be used
ED038 - Application for Certificate Reprint (pdf)
ED038 - Application for Certificate Reprint (Word doc)

If you have any queries regarding any of these documents, please contact