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condition monitoring
Vibration Analysis

Go Beyond Condition Monitoring; Condition Improvement

We all know what a great job vibration analyst’s perform. They are all that stands between a manageable plant and the chaos and mayhem that can result from machines failing unexpectedly. It takes skill, knowledge, and experience to be a good vibration analyst. But in many cases, the vibration analyst is only delivering half of the benefits they are capable of.
criticality analysis
Vibration Analysis

Criticality Analysis is Critical

How do you decide which assets should be monitored? How do you decide whether you can justify the use of more than one technology? Criticality analysis provides a means to prioritize which assets will be monitored and how much effort will be put into collecting data and performing the analysis.
technology, vibration

One Technology Is Not Enough

There is no doubt that technologies such as vibration analysis, oil analysis, ultrasound and infrared are very powerful. They can tell you a great deal about fault conditions in rotating machinery, electrical systems, and more. But if the criticality warrants it, you will be in a much stronger position if you have multiple technologies indicating that a fault condition exists rather than relying on just one.